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wall bracket 6-station liquor dispenser bar butler/wine dispenser



Ship between: Jul 23 - Jul 24
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 6-station liquor dispenser bar butler
• 6 spring-loaded holders. Installation is simple, easy to operate.
• It can be fixed on wall , holds the bottle upside down.
• The perfect home bar accessory - ideal for Sprite.
• It also limits how much of your alcohol people are drinking!
• The Bar Butler 6 bottle shot dispenser is a great way to pour a perfect shot every time!

Product Features:
• 6 Heads Stainless Steel Bar Butler Wine Juice Cocktail Dispenser Holder.
• Food-grade ABS plastic measuring cups, and, the bar butler has spring telescoping handle, suitable for all size of drinking bottle.
• Leakproof dispenser pours exactly 1-1/2 ounces.
• Six spring-loaded receptacles hold bottles of various sizes up to 1 liter.
• It can be fixed to the wall, this space-saving device frees up your shelf space.
• It can be placed 6 different drinks/alcohol , you can choose different flavors, you can also try mixing.
• Leak-proof dispensers and spring-loaded bottle holders make the Wall Mounted Dispenser easy to use and super neat.
• Using wall rails gives an instant uniformed display across your back bar, the bottles are evenly spaced on the rail, no need to align each bottle individually.

• Products Name: Bar Butler
• Type: Wine Bottle Holder
• Material: Plastic, Aluminum, Food-grade ABS, and Stainless steel
• Color: Silver
• Package Weight: 1.35KG
• Package Dimension (H*W*L):30cm×10cm×53.5cm (11.8’’×3.93’’×21.1’’)
After assembly, the height is about 36cm ( 14.2inch)
• Suitable height between 23cm to 33cm.

* When you want to drink , place your glass against the bottom propeller and push up. Or you can use your hands to push.
* Designed to securely hold 6 bottles, you can choose what you want to drink.

Package Included:
1×6 Heads Stainless Still Bar Butler

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wall bracket 6-station liquor dispenser bar butler/wine dispenser



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