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suaoki 600m laser rangefinder(PRO)





Ship between: Aug 20 - Aug 21
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Title:suaoki 600m Professional handheld Laser Rangefinder for golfing and hunting  

Long Range:
a max range of 600 meters (656 yards) allows you to easily get measurements and info on most objects, without having to get closer
Maximum Accuracy: with 6x magnification and accuracy to within 1 meter, you can be sure that you're always getting the correct measurements, without having to worry about miscalculations
Adaptable Modes: a range, flagpole lock, golf distance correction, fog, horizontal distance, height, and speed mode allow you to adapt the product for whatever use you need it
User Personalization: a built-in user defined function lets you hide measurement modes that you will not use or need, allowing a faster way to use the product
Portability: our rainproof laser rangefinder weighs just a third of a pound (152g), and comes with a convenient belt-mountable bag and lanyard, allowing utmost mobility and portability for whenever you use it

Product Description
No Matter the Distance
A rangefinder needs to provide accurate measurements, otherwise what's the point? That's why our finder is accurate within 1 meter at a max distance of 600 meters, and even more accurate at smaller distances. This way, you don't have to worry about miscalculations, especially when you need a reliable distance for a shot while golfing, hunting, or anything else.

No Matter the Location
Most other models claim to be small or convenient, while at the same time being bigger than our product. Thanks to our product's actual small size, carrying case, rainproof casing, lanyard, and easy two button single-hand operation, you'll be able to get one of the most compact rangefinders, without getting slowed down when having to use it.

A New Level of Control

Suaoki knows not everyone uses a product for the same purposes. 7 different measurement modes (in imperial/metric) make this rangefinder adaptable for any use, such as getting the height, speed, or distance of an object which is perfect for golfing, hunting, shooting sports, and so on. Plus, you can choose which of the 7 modes are always available for use and hide the ones you don't use, meaning you don't have to waste time cycling through them when using the product.

Product Specifications
Lens: 21mm objective lens, 6x zoom, adjustable focus
Accuracy: /- 1m
Min/Max Range: 4m/600 m (4.4 yard/656 yard)
Speed Detection Range: 0-300 km/h
Battery: 1x CR2, 3V
Product Dimensions: 106 x 35 x 73 mm (4.17 x 1.38 x 2.87 in)
Product Weight: 152g (.33 lb.)

Package Contents:
1x Suaoki PRO Laser Rangefinder
1x CR2 Battery
1x Lanyard
1x Wiping Cloth
1x Carrying Bag
1x User Manual

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suaoki 600m laser rangefinder(PRO)



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