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Excelvan W-2289 Snap Circuits Electronics Discovery Kit

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Excelvan Teacher Wang W-2289 Snap circuits Electronics Discovery Kit Science Educational Toy
Stimulate Interest, Learning and Entertaining Kit, Perfect Gift

Main Features:
-Safe and easy to operate. Each component has a code printed, snap-together parts design, well-connected and no extra tools needed.
-Over 2000 projects. Kids can have great fun and get familiar with circuits with real circuit components and clear illustrated manual.
-Components included: battery box, hand generator, LED lights, speaker, motor, FM radio IC, push-button switch and more.
-Edutainment way for kids to study.Kids can apply the components to assemble circuits they design, which stimulate their interest in science.
-Help to develop children's imagination,creativity, self-learning skills and hands-on ability, guide them to come up with more innovative ideas.
-Perfect educational gift for kids, great family involved cheerful electronic set, bring hours of fun!

1. This snap circuits electronic discovery kit contains parts like snap waires, battery box, hand generator, Red LED, bidirectional LED, bulb, buzzer, IC, push-button switchand more, and can be build more than 2000 electronic experiments.
2. With the snap-together design, the electronic set is easy to operate, the circuit structures can be seen clearly, and kids can know how to make the components work together.
3. This playing, learning and thinking set toy is suitable for children over 8 years old and it can encourage kids to come up with more innovative ideas and try to design the circuits they want.
4. In the manual, there are circuit diagram illustrated, and there are also questions and detailed answers, circiuts pinciples, experimental phenomena instuctions, which give kids a guidance in operation and help them understand the application of different components.

How to assemble ?
1. Each product component is printed a code , and the instructions of this product is writed based on the code .
2. Read the instructions carefully and have a preliminary understanding about electronics components .
3. Then , you could try to assemble circuits according to the circuits diagrams in the instructions . Or you could assemble according to sequences of pictures of actual objects .
Notice that the circled numbers in circuits picture shows different levels . For instance , ① , ② , ③ , mean levels of 1 , 2 , 3 respectively . When assembling circuits firstly find out all the components and wires , and then assemble them of the level 1 , 2 , 3 in turn according to the schematic circuit diagram .

Product Size( L * W * H ) : 16.54 * 11.61 * 1.97 inches / 42cm * 29.5cm * 5cm
Product Weight : 0.940 Kg
Age Range : > 8 years old
Material : plastic and other

Package included:
1 * A set of electronics discovery kit

Precaution : The batteries needed are not included . You need to prepare 2* normal " AA 1.5V " batteries or 2 * chargeable " AA 1.2V " batteries by yourself .

Attention ! The package Plastic bags can be dangerous . To avoid danger of suffocation , keep this bag away from babies and children.

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Excelvan W-2289 Snap Circuits Electronics Discovery Kit

Excelvan W-2289 Snap Circuits Electronics Discovery Kit


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Excelvan W-2289 Snap Circuits Electronics Discovery Kit

Excelvan W-2289 Snap Circuits Electronics Discovery Kit

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