16 Romantic & Cute Valentine’s Day gifts for her

ByZim Yang 2017-02-11 4091

To think about a unique Valentine's day gifts for a lady's always difficult, but these ideal gifts which are full of love and surprises will create her unforgettable memory.

To be unique during the Festival of Love is  never easy: a box of delicious chocolate and a bouquet of the most gorgeous flowers are the typical gift ideas for her on Valentine's Day. But don't be lazy when spending time thinking about the right gifts – your girl and wife deserves the best.

What she actually cares about is not the gift itself but the significance behind it. Something that symbolizes the shared romance, reminding her of the depth of your love, or an item that demonstrates how sweet you are. These are the most desirable gifts of all.


For some inspiration and ideas during this Valentine's Day, we carefully selected 16 exquisite romantic gifts embroidered with hearts and kisses. Romance never gets old, so if you want to create an unforgettable impression, here are treasured yet affordable presents that will impress that special lady in your life.

9 Romantic Gifts

Heart Shape Necklace

Heart Shape Necklace

A heart shape necklace is the classic symbol of LOVE, and this noble gesture is simply something that a woman cannot reject. As a gift, it epitomizes the act of giving your heart to her. The unique music note with the love heart represents a sweet love song between you and her, endlessly calling each other together.

Music Note Heart Shape Hollow Out Necklace, $2.66, available on GearBest

Heart Shape Earrings

Heart Shape Earrings

A stunning pair of heart shape earrings would be the perfect match of the heart shape necklace. The delicate silver inlaid decoration will own your lady's prized heart and makes her look even more graceful.

Exquisite Heart Shape Hollow Out Bird Nest Earrings, $2.22, available on GearBest

Elegant Exquisite Lady's Bracelet

Elegant Exquisite Lady's Bracelet

As sure as night follows day, a lady loves exquisite decorations: this beautifully delicate bracelet is destined to complement your lady's natural beauty, making it a favorite gift that she would love to receive on the romantic lover's day.

Sweet Faux Opal Flower Women's Bracelet, $4.05, available on GearBest

Heart Shape Photo Frame

Heart Shape Photo Frame

Every unforgettable moment in your life is worth capturing and reliving. Placing and holding them securely in a photo frame is much more personal than any standard album. It’s a reminder of the happiest times spent together, captured for all eternity to inspire and keep the flame alight.

Magnetic Levitation Photo Frame, $29.30, available on GearBest

Romantic Music Star Sky Projector

Romantic Music Star Sky Projector

After a sweet Valentine’s date, there’s nothing more romantic than gazing at the stars at night with your loved one. Under the glittering diamonds across the velvet tapestry, whisper your true love in her ears.

New Rotating Music Night Lights Star Sky Projector, $7.1, available on GearBest

Perfect Sound Effect Bluetooth speaker

Perfect Sound Effect Bluetooth Speaker

Under the beautiful canopy of stars, romantic music is essential to touch her heart. At that moment, both of you are the main characters in your own love story. Create the possibilities for an unforgettable night!

Cube X3 Wireless Mini Bluetooth V2.1 Speaker, $7.34, available on GearBest

Classic Graceful Lady’s Watch

Classic Graceful Lady’s Watch

For the lady who values time, a watch is a smart choice. Less is more, and a simple design keeps it classic. For her, a minimalist style makes an ideal and practical gift that’s sure to be welcomed.

KINGSKY 1266 Fashion Lady Quartz Watch, $8.06, available on GearBest

Warm Winter Gloves

Warm Winter Gloves

A girl’s hands are easy to be hurt by the winter cold. Sending her a pair of warm winter gloves would be a sweet and kind gesture making her feel, demonstrating that you’re thoughtful and reliable – and build a stronger bridge to her heart.

Original Xiaomi Wool Touch Gloves, $12.39, available on GearBest

Easy-to-use Coffee Machine

Easy-to-use Coffee Machine

Is your significant other a workaholic? Then nothing beats a practical gift such as a coffee machine. Give her more energy so she recharges every morning, or whenever she feels tired in the office. Keep the love and her energy fully charged.

HOMEZEST CM-832 Automatic Coffee Machine, $42.99, available on GearBest

7 Cute Gifts

Delicate Phone Case

Delicate Phone Case

A beautiful phone protective case is a gift she will cherish each and every day, reminding her how much you care. It’s cute, practical, and unexpected. Don’t forget to give her more than this little gift, pair it with something else to bring a smile to her face.

Protective Phone Back Case, $2.89, available on GearBest

Cute cookie shape maker

Cute Cookie Shape Maker

If your girl loves to bake cakes or make cookies, then a cute cookie shape maker would definitely surprise and inspire her as a unique gift. With this lovely tool, she can make creatively delicious cookies using different and exquisite shapes.

Press Biscuit Cookie Making Machine Cake Maker, $10.31, available on GearBest

Lovely mini night bed lamp

Lovely Mini Night Bed Lamp

I don’t think there’s a girl in the world who could reject such a cute night lamp. It’s compact, energy saving, color adjustable, and most important, useful. We’re confident that she will fall in love with this gift! The soft light makes it the perfect bedside companion for a good night’s sleep.

Colorful LED Silica Gel Cartoon Ombre Night Light, $6.26, available on GearBest

Funny chocolate ice cream shape U disk

Funny Chocolate Ice Cream Shape U Disk

If your girlfriend or wife loves desserts, then this gift idea is destined to succeed. Looking at this chocolate ice cream flash drive, the unique and funny design is paired with practicality. Store memorable photos together and more. You have to admit, it’s definitely a “sweet” Valentine’s Day gift.

32GB Chocolate Ice Cream U disk, $8.2, available on GearBest

Adorable Warm Winter Unicorn Slippers

Adorable Warm Winter Unicorn Slippers

For a romantic Valentine’s Day this year, gift her a pair of warm unicorn slippers for home use. The unicorn will bring both luck and your love to your beloved. Fluffy, soft, adorable and comfortable, it’s simply the perfect Valentine’s Day gift?

Paired Cartoon Style Soft Winter Slippers, $10.38, available on GearBest

Pretty Fashionable Shoulder Bag

Pretty Fashionable Shoulder Bag

Style matters and a bag is always a woman’s beloved travel companion, it’s the eternal truth in a woman’s world. You girlfriend will never complain if you gift her a bag even if she already has more than ten of them! The way to a girl’s heart is through a handbag. This pretty fashionable design bucket bag is not to be missed.

Color Spliced Hollow Out Tassels Tote Bag, $25.78, available on GearBest


Delightful Multifunctional Vacuum Robot

While it’s not a human shaped robot, it’s still cute and incredibly powerful as a gadget. Most importantly, it saves your girl from dealing with tiring housework. Without doubt, she will love to be with you: a special and thoughtful man.

ILIFE V5 Intelligent Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, $105.99, available on GearBest