3 best multifunctional LED night lights

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In this quick post we take a look at three night lights that do a bit more than scare away the bad dreams. From charging your phones and tablets to decorating your home with cool LED effects, these miniature gadgets do more for an affordable price of under $14.

Why get a night light?

A humble night light is a small and simple gadget  - but the one with great practical value. Whether you have children or not, a simple night light can bring a number of benefits to your home. Compact easy-to-use, it can be plugged in just about any socket and provide your living space with a soft unobtrusive light. For some, a night light can ensure a calm good quality sleep and for others these handy devices can illuminate a home's walkways and corridors making it easy to safely walk around at night without disturbing others.

Minimalist Design: Xiaomi MiJIA Night Light

If you are looking for a small, simple and minimalistic light to illuminate your room or halls at night, the Xiaomi MiJIA night light does the job perfectly. What's more, it comes equipped with a 120-degree sensing power (light sensor and IR sensor) letting the light turn one whenever it detects movement in the dark, making it the perfect choice for corridors and staircases.

Xiaomi MiJIA Night Light

Extra Functionality: Dual USB LED Night Light

Some lights take it a step further and come with a bit of extra functionality that can come in really handy - like this dual USB LED night light. Most of us only have one socket by the night stand and with this simple night light you won't have to choose between charging your smartphone, tablet or having the comfort of light by your bed. Featuring two USB chargers, this mini LED light will charge up your gadgets overnight while offering a soothing light for your bedroom. Equipped with sensors, the LED night light will automatically turn on at dusk and turn on at dawn.

Dual USB LED Night Light

Decorative Power: 3D Effect RGB LED Small Night Light

Some lights come with some cool decorative power. You can use them to add character to some spaces in your home or use as festive decorations. Check out this 3D effect RGB night light. The night light uses optical transmission acrylic to create a colorful shape that will not only illuminate the area around but also create a decorative effect - perfect for a house party. Looking for some eerie decoration for the coming Halloween? This skeleton night light would make a great centerpiece for your Halloween porch or dinner table.

3D Effect RGB LED Small Night Light


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