3 useful & practical tools to become a skillful craftsman

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No matter how skilled you may already be at "fixing stuff", doing a quality repair job is simply impossible without the proper tools. In this post, we will introduce you to 3 must-have tools that will be particularly useful in drilling, polishing, or disassembling and repairing machines.

Now, let's take a look at 3 useful and practical tools on GearBest to help you become a skillful craftsman.


WLXY P - 800 80pcs High Speed Rotary Tool Fits Dremel Bits, $31.71

We start out must-have list with this high speed rotary electric drill tool set, which can be of great help in a variety of situations.

The delicate rotary tool kit, featuring a spindle lock with a max speed of 12,000 RPM, is handy and multifunctional. It includes many kinds of accessories that are perfect for cutting, grinding, polishing, sharpening and drilling on a variety of objects.

The tool's grinding function is applicable not only in a professional salon or studio, but is also suitable for home use. For women, it is also a nice tool that can be used for pedicures and manicures. And the nail file can be used for both natural nails and artificial nails.

When you change the polishing wheel, you can also use this tool to polish metal and plastic. Another popular application is drilling holes — you can use the rotary tool kit to drill holes on a  circuit board, thin aluminum plates, acrylic boards and other products.

If you like carving, you may find even more uses for the rotary tool. You can make use of its carving function to carve on metal, wood or plastic, and it can be also used for exquisite sculpture of jadeware.  

What's more, the low noise and smooth machining are ideal for doing some refined processing and creative design.

AC - 8 38 in 1 Screwdriver Kit for Repair, $9.99

There are a lot of devices in our lives today that come with tiny screws: smartphones, computers, watches — you name it. Sure, you can turn the house upside down in search of something suitable — or, you can simply get the AC - 8 38 in 1 Screwdriver Kit for Repair / Maintenance.

This screwdriver kit is basically a compact and precision mobile phone repairing tool kit, and it can help you easily open the covers of mobile phones without damage to the device. But it is far more than that, you can also use it to repair or maintain most of digital  and other products, such as computers, camera, glasses, watches and other household appliances.

The anti-slip handle will make it easy and comfortable to grip and use.

In addition to  various types of screwdrivers, it also includes other must-haves: SIM card ejection pin, nipper, triangle plastic piece and suction cup.

The screw bits are made from S2 alloy steel and the hardness index is HRC 58-62, so all the tools are very durable and reliable. Coming with a magnetic and foldable storage box, it will be very easy to carry and have all the screw bits well organized.   

Xiaomi Wiha 24 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Kit, $22.99

A screwdriver is one of the most basic and essential tools that we need and use on an almost daily basis. So we are happy to present the Xiaomi Wiha 24 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Kit, which is made in collaboration with the famous German tool manufacturer, Wiha.

This screwdriver set provides 24 different specifications of bits — Phillips ( PH000 / PH00 / PH0 / PH1 / PH2 ), Hex ( H1.5 / H2.0 ), Torx ( T2 / T3 / T4 / TR5 / TR6 / TR8 / TR10 / TR15 ), Slotted ( 1.5 / 2.0 / 3.0 / 4.0 ), Spanner U2.6, Tri-wing 3, Pozi ( P2 / P5 ), Triangle 2.3 and a sleeve, so it can meet different needs and make it easier and faster to disassemble or repair quartz watch, cameras, radios, computers, mobile phones, drones, etc.

The screwdriver bit is made of imported S2 steel material, which has high precision and hardness up to 60HRC, coming with a anti-rust aluminum alloy handle and storage box.

We sincerely hope that you are able to find useful and practical tools for your daily needs as well as disassembling or repairing works. If you want to find even more tools, please take a look at a more extensive selection of tool sets and repair kits on GearBest.

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