3D illusion LED light: a new stunning lighting solution

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3D LED lamp is a relatively new LED accessory that is quickly gaining popularity among all gadget lovers. Why? It’s practical, creative, fun and energy-saving. It makes a great night light, party accessory, desk lamp and more. Let’s find out more about the tech and applications of a 3D LED light.

What is a 3D LED light?

A 3D LED lamp is basically a glowing optical illusion that aims to add an element of originality to any setting. The lamp consists of a base (which is also the light source) made of high quality ABS material and a laser engraved acrylic plate, which creates the "illusion" of a colorful object hanging in the air. Most 3D lamps come with a color changing option — simply tap the plastic base to switch colors.

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Benefits of a 3D LED light

First, 3D LED night lights are becoming increasingly popular — when it comes to decorating a child’s bedroom. As most children feel more comfortable sleeping with a light, a 3D light provide a softer and more creative alternative to traditional lightings. With plenty of fun shapes to choose from, 3D LED lights be a great fit for a kid’s bedroom. Moreover, you can choose a light in the shape of their favorite cartoon, game or book character, like Mario, Pikachu and others.


A 3D light is also a fun decoration for a party or holiday event: Christmas, Halloween, etc. The lights are a great way to liven up any event and would work wonders for creating the needed atmosphere. You can also pick themed lights that would match the style of the event or simply go well with your decor like, for instance, this headset 3D light or this Star Wars themed light.


No matter what application you may be considering for a 3D light, one thing is for sure: the color-changing lights are a practical and original addition to any interior.

5 best 3D LED lights on GearBest

Ready to get your first 3D LED light? There are plenty of affordable 3D LED lights right here on GearBest. Let’s check out the 5 best 3D lights. 

DSU Star Wars Death Star 3D LED Night Light, $16.11

This one is the absolutely perfect gift for any Star Wars fans - Death Star shape design. It would be perfect for an office desk, a home working area lighting as well as decoration.

The planet lamp makes it a classic choice as a light source, and the variety of RGB changeable colors adds a fun atmosphere with this seemingly simple accessory. You can easily switch colors with a mini remote control and leave the light on even during the night as it’s super energy saving.

M. Sparkling Star Wars Darth Vader 3D LED Light, $8.99

This is another 3D LED light that would make a perfect gift for Star Wars fans — who wouldn’t want a Darth Vader head on their night stand? In addition to serving as creative home decor for Saga fans, the Darth Vader lamp would make a great prop for a theme party, Star Wars binge session with friends, a kid’s birthday party and more!

Bear 3D LED Night Light, $16.11

This one is the perfect choice for a child’s night light. The 3D LED lamp projects a shape of a cute little teddy bear and uses a soft relaxed light that will not harm your child’s eyes and provide a comforting glow for a good night’s sleep. Your child is sure to like the lamp’s toyish shape and LED bear can stand guard over your child’s sleep shooing away all the imaginary monsters. The light comes with 7 adjustable colors and  a mini remote control for smooth operation.

Cupid Hearts 3D LED Lamp, $16.11

If you want to create a romantic atmosphere for a date, anniversary celebration, St. Valentine’s day or simply surprise your other half — this Cupid Hearts LED Light will be the perfect match. Its soft light will set the perfect mood for a romantic evening and the 3D effect will definitely add a note of originality. The light can switch colors, though, the classic red would probably be your first choice for a date night. You can easily switch between colors with a mini remote control. The light is also energy-saving — so don’t worry about turning it off if your date is late.

Elk Shape 3D LED Light, $19.36

This is an original LED light in the shape of an elk head. Animal theme is suitable for a variety of interiors: turn your room into an LED hunting cabin, light up darker areas of your home, make it a centerpiece of a party, use it as a night light in a child’s bedroom and more. The light comes with 9 easily adjustable colors and is made of safe high-quality materials. One of the main highlights of the Elk 3D Light is that it comes with a handy remote control offering even more convenience when switching colors.

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