4 creative and practical gadgets you can't miss in your home!

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In this post I have handpicked 4 gorgeously creative and practical gadgets in your house. They range from funny No Face Male Piggy Bank and geeky Nose Shaped Shower Gel Dispenser to tasteful Swan Wine Rack and cool Beetle Mist Humidifier. Read on to see them all in details.

No Face Male Style Gravity Induction Piggy Bank, $22.37

Are you the fans of Miyazaki Hayao's animation? Then you must be familiar with the No Face Male in Spirited Away.

No Face Male Style Gravity Induction Piggy Bank

The No Face Male Style Piggy Bank would make a perfect gift for all the loyal followers of Miyazaki Hayao's comic world. Designed with its gravity induction principle, the No Face Male will automatically lift up his hands and open mouth to swallow the coins when the coins on the tray above 30g. At the same time, music begins after the coins are swallowed, and there will be a funny hiccup sound effect just like it has a full stomach.

This No Face Male Style Piggy Bank is so interesting that your family must be willing to toss their coins in the tray, satisfying the hungry NO Face Male. The adorable toy is also a fun way to decorate your child's desk.


Creative Bathroom Nose Shaped Shower Gel Dispenser, $11.38

Nose Shaped Shower Gel Dispenser, oh, that's sick.

Creative Bathroom Nose Shaped Shower Gel Dispenser

Just press the over-sized schnoz, the soapy green (or other color) shower gel will gush out of the right nostril. With this hilarious Nose Shower Gel Dispenser, do you think you are just rubbing snot on your body and hair? What a fun and creative gag gift! Guaranteed to freak out your family, friends or guests.

The dispenser can easily be attached to any smooth surface with the provided suction cups. Unscrew the lid on back of the nose dispenser to fill with shower gel, shampoo, hand sanitizer or other cleaning gel.

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MCYH 515 Creative Metal Figurine Iron Swan Wine Rack, $34.84

Wow, such a beautiful pink swan. Actually, it is just a wine bottle holder in the shape of a swan. It absolutely makes the perfect gift for wine lovers.

MCYH 515 Creative Metal Figurine Iron Swan Wine Rack

This novelty metal wine bottle holder is a true head-turner and something to talk about. Simply insert your wine bottle into the figurine, the wings of the swan will elegantly embrace your wine bottle stably. Made from electroplating coated iron, the swan wine rack is exquisite and durable. Place it on the dining table, it also serves as a great interior decoration, adding unique taste to your home.


Creative Beetle Diffuser Spray Humidifier for Home Office, $10.20

Here come cute beetles in different color - red, blue and yellow. Don't be afraid, they are just cool mist humidifier resembling the appearance of a beetle.

Creative Beetle Diffuser Spray Humidifier for Home Office

Just one touch the switch on the beetle head, the cool mist mechanism will be turned on. Equipped with fancy LED light for a more enjoyable experience. A suction cup base enables it to mount on any flat surface for optimum stability, even in a car. So when you are caught in a traffic jam, the humidifier can also work as an air freshener that helps you relax. Thanks to the base, you can rotate the round body to point the mist spray in any preferred direction.

Our life can make a big difference with these little gadgets. If you want to have more creative and practical gadgets on a daily basis, check out here on GearBest.


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