4 essential kitchen gadgets to lighten your workload

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Your time in the kitchen can be a lot of fun — or it can be a chore you are trying to get out of. It’s all up to you — or rather, up to your kitchen gadgetry. Make sure you stay on top of things with these 4 kitchen essentials that will make you enjoy every minute cooking prep.

Berz Vacuum Preservation Bowl - $28.27

Keep your fresh food fresh for long with the Berz vacuum bowl. We all know how annoying it is to see your newly-bought produce go to waste just because you haven't had the chance to use it all fast enough. Put an end to unnecessary waste right here and now with a simple yet very effective preservation bowl by Berz.

This is not your standard tupperware item. The bowl is made of high-quality glass, which lets you see all your stored fruits and vegetables clearer and gives the inside of your fridge a much "cleaner" look than with plastic containers.

The bowl comes with a handy pump that lets you get all the air out of the container:simply place all the needed produce inside, place the cover on and start pumping. You can then put the container in the fridge and enjoy fresh and fruit veggies when you are ready for them.

You get three bowls in the set — a large one (500ml), a medium one (400ml) and a small one (300ml). Happy storing!

Berz Vacuum Preservation Bowl

360-degree Rotary Filter Tap - $5.96

Things tend to get dirty in the kitchen — a lot. And this means your tap in the kitchen is almost always on, ready for the dishes, cleaning fruits and veggies, rinsing glasses and more. You may not notice this at first, but it can all build up to quite an expense. This rotary filter tap will not only help with water saving but will also make the washing up easier thanks to the 360-degree rotation. With the new tap, you can forget about the annoying splashes and enjoy a stable soft water stream at all times:you will even be able to choose between two spray modes, you will simply need to rotate the head.

The tap itself is made of durable PVC material that will ensure its long and productive life.

360-degree Rotary Filter Tap

Automatic Electric Fruit Vegetable Peeler - $25.97

Another mildly annoying and pretty time-consuming kitchen chore is peeling fruits and vegetables. Whether you are making mashed potatoes or apple pie, you have some peeling duty ahead of you, standing right in the way of your creativity and blocking the way to cook new recipes and culinary creations.

The automatic electric peeler offers you the much-needed shortcut to actually having fun in the kitchen and takes on all the unpleasant dirty work for you.

The peeler is made with durable ABS material, features a non-slip base and a stainless steel handy thumb knife for quick, easy peeling. You can use the gadget to clean all sorts of fruits and vegetables with just a push of a button. The best part is that you won't even have to touch the fruits and veggies that need peeling, which makes the whole process much more hygenic — and safer as the blades are well-secured inside the frame. All you will need to do is place the fruit/veggie on the base, lower the food holder to make sure it stays in place, place the cutter on top of the item that needs to be peeled, press the button and then sit back and relax as the peeler does its job.

Automatic Electric Fruit Vegetable Peeler

Emery Sponge Brush - $1.44

The Emery Sponge Brush has been hailed as "the magic cleaner" — and for a good reason. Made of alumina emery powder, the sponge comes with great cleaning power and is capable of taking on more resilient stains that your typical sponge or cloth. Sturdy emery particles easily remove the stubborn stains from your pots without causing any scratches or other types of damage.

It also protects your hands from overly long exposure to hot water and detergent by speeding up the cleaning process.

It's not all about pots and pans. You can use the sponge on a variety of surfaces:refrigerator, stove, glasses, cutting boards and more. Despite its extra sturdy makeup, the sponge is 100% environmentally-friendly and safe to use with all sorts of food storing products.

Yep, it may cost a bit more than your standard soft sponge — but it will also serve you much longer. Thanks to the high density and improved water absorption, the sponge will stay just like new through a large number of uses and you won't have to worry about frequent replacings.

Emery Sponge Brush
$2.73 $1.44    


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