4 weight loss gadgets to help you get in shape before summer

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Winter is almost out the door — and this means we need to lose weight before this summer. Luckily, there is still enough time to get out of your winter hibernation with good shape. And we have just the weight loss gadgets to help you!

Plastic Small Food Measuring Spoon - $6.28

Diet and moderation are essential for losing weight. But how do you know if you are consuming too much sugar, for instance, if you don’t have a proper measurement tool?

With this small and practical measuring spoon, you will be able to take full charge of your diet and know exactly how much you are eating.

The spoon is suitable for both dry and liquid ingredients and would be especially useful when making smoothies and other nutritional drinks and porridges. You can also use it to measure nutritional supplements, vitamins and other healthy additives needed to maintain a well-balanced diet.

Made of high-quality food grade plastic, the spoon is 100% safe to use with food ingredients and the refined measurement technique ensures proper results. The spoon is equipped with a comfortable handle with a hanging hole — for easy storage. Since it’s so small, you can also have it on you at all times: take it to the office, gym, yoga studio, etc.

Smart EMS Muscle Stimulator - $22.18

The sad truth: we can’t always make it to the gym. And when we don’t or if we are too tired or need to recover from an injury or a long training session the day before — that’s where the EMS Muscle Stimulator comes in.

The machine uses an electrical current to stimulate your muscles and works even when you are not moving — actually, that’s the point. The muscle stimulator lets you train when lying down, sitting at the office or doing things around the house. True, you will not be able to get all pumped up with just the use of the muscle stimulator — but it has been recommended as an efficient way to complement training sessions, tone muscles and so on.

Using the muscle stimulator is incredibly easy: all you will need to do is attache the gel pads to the parts of the body you want to work on and press the ON button on the controller (each gel pad comes with its own controller). There are several training modes to choose from and, thanks to their thinness, you can easily wear the pads under everyday clothing.

Xiaomi Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Weight Scale - $42.99

A smart weight scale is another essential when it comes to keeping an eye on your weight and overall health. While we are all well-familiar with standard scales — we use them and fear them — a smart scale is a whole different gadget. Instead just telling you how much you weigh, it will give you plenty of other information — which is, arguably, even more important than how many pounds you’ve gained after the holidays.

Using advanced BIA technology, the scale is capable of measuring and analyzing other types of body data like bone mass, body water content, muscle mass, basic metabolism, fat rate, visceral fat level, etc.

Despite the advanced functionality, the scale is very compact and discreet — and would easily fit into any interior without drawing any attention to itself. One of the main features of the scale is that it also works with the Xiaomi app "Mi Fit", letting you track your data in real time and store it to come back to later and monitoring your progress.

Ultrasonic Body Slimming Massager - $70.91

Getting in shape is not all about pumping it up at the gym and dieting. Sometimes, you do need to relax and give your body some time to recharge. The Ultrasonic Body Slimming Massager is a great way to do that.

Featuring 300,000 times/second ultrasonic high-frequency vibration, it’s the device linked to improved cell metabolism, better fat block decomposition, dredging lymph nodes and, as a result, helping with weight loss.

The massager comes with 4 modes for you to choose from to achieve the results that you’ve been looking for: skin brightening mode, fat burning mode, fat burst mode and shaping mode. Coming with an ergonomic zinc alloy massage head, the slimming device is very pleasant to use and the mini HD LCD display ensures safe and easy operation.

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