5 best cool and creative gadgets for wine lovers

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If you love to host a good party and serve a nice chilled bottle of red, you will truly enjoy discovering a few of the accessories below that are guaranteed to enhance your wine sessions.

Mermaid Style Cocktail Glass, $4.99

Few things can spoil a good wine – but what if you can make it even better? This creative mermaid style wine and cocktail glass will add a cool visual effect to your drink. In addition to its interesting look, the glass is very practical as well: it can withstand low temperatures (up to -20 Deg.C) and high temperatures (up to 180 Deg.C). You can, thus, use it not only for cold drinks, but also for hot beverages like tea or coffee.

Mermaid Style Cocktail Glass

Wine Bottle Digital Password Lock, $6.94

If you have a large and expensive wine collection or want to keep your wine bottles out of unwanted hands then this digital password lock is a true find. Simply place the bottle lock onto the top of the wine bottle and set the password — now, nobody will be able to open the wine bottle except for those who you choose to share the password with. Made of high quality plastic, the lock is safe to use with food products, durable and long-lasting.

Wine Bottle Digital Password Lock

Ultimate Rotary Can Opener, $3.33

This 7 in 1 multifunctional can opener is a practical tool in any kitchen that can help you get rid of a lot of muscle work. Featuring seven different built-in cutting, gripping and twisting tools, the can opener can easily open cans, bottles and jars in all sizes and shapes — it is also quick, safe and easy to use, even for children. The ergonomic design makes sure you can easily turn the handle without putting in too much effort — even if your hands are wet. So, next time you crave a pickle out of a jar or to crack open a bottle of your favorite red, you won't have to call in the troops.

Ultimate Rotary Can Opener

Christmas Hat Champagne Wine Cups Card, $0.33

Winter holidays are just round the corner and it's always a good idea to get ready ahead of time. These cool and fun Christmas-themed wine cups card will quickly jazz up your appetizer table. More than that, the cups card come with a practical side: the paper hats can be used as a name place holder to guide your guests to their seats. Needless to say, the fun Santa hats add a lot to the festive atmosphere — so get that eggnog out or make sure to get a bottle of your favorite wine to go with.

Christmas Hat Champagne Wine Cups Card

European Chariot Wine Rack Holder, $17.25

If you are looking for a creative and elegant way to present a bottle of wine at the table, you've found it. This chariot wine rack is made of durable metal and comes in a festive light golden color. It will securely keep your favorite wine displayed on the table or on the kitchen counter — and you will also have 6 glass holders for a complete set.

European Chariot Wine Rack Holder


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