5 best video game gadgets for playing PUBG

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is the most popular video game recently. If you are a hardcore PUBG gamer, a set of gaming gadgets will be needed for a wonderful game experience. Here, we have made for you, from the Xiaomi gaming laptop and MOTOSPEED gaming mouse to graphics card and game console.

What is PUBG?

PUBG, short for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, has grown to be one of the top PC games lately. If you are familiar with Battle Royale or the Hunger Games, PUBG is a take on them. The concept is pretty much the same: the survival of the fittest. A group of people is released onto an island and the last one standing is the winner. And in this post, we take a look at some of the gaming gadgets that can help you last till the end.


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Gaming laptop: Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro - $1402.55

True, you probably already have your favorite gaming PC — but if you are looking for a more portable model or just considering an upgrade, take a look at the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro portable laptop

Xiaomi's latest model comes with a large 15.6 inches FHD display, which offers a very good setup for enjoying the game. Especially, if you pair that with the Intel Core i7-8550U Quad Core processor clocked at up to 4.0GHz — enjoy smooth operation and, most importantly, no lagging (which is a true killer in PUBG).

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro gaming laptop

Next up, you get 16GB DDR4 RAM for advanced multitasking and dual-band 2.4GHz / 5.0GHz WiFi for high-speed surfing. The NVIDIA GeForce MX150 GPU with dual graphics support guarantees seamless gameplay — you will be able to enjoy your quest for survival without any system interruptions. For storage, you get 256GB — so feel free to download apps, games and extensions.

Gaming graphics card: Yeston RX580 - $505.51

Another thing you will need to upgrade your gaming in a high-performance graphics card. They say that 30% of the total cost of your gaming rig should be allotted for the graphics card alone — and this is very understandable as it will handle all of the graphical load for your gaming. From simple web-browsing to graphically intensive games, the graphics card is responsible for rendering colors and imagery.

play game with Yeston RX580 graphics card

The Yeston AMD Radeon RX580 is capable of 7680 x 4320 resolution and comes with three silent temperature control fans, which make sure that the card cools off efficiently even through your long gaming sessions.

Yeston RX580 gaming graphics card


Gaming keyboard: MOTOSPEED CK61 mechanical keyboard - $48.77

One of the main ingredients in bringing home a gaming trophy is a good keyboard. The MOTOSPEED CK61 is a powerful mechanical gaming keyboard and a great choice for gamers.

MOTOSPEED CK61 mechanical keyboard

The advanced Kailh BOX switch is water-resistant (in case you do spill that giant soda after all), rustproof and sports an 80 million clicking life. The blue switch design offers a great hand feeling, so you won't feel uncomfortable even after long hours of gameplay. The RGB function lights up your game with 16.8 million colors and shades for cool visual effects — but the essence is in the performance. All of the MOTOSPEED CK61's keys are anti-ghost, which will significantly improve your reaction speed and thanks to the high-sensitivity key design, you will be able to experience all the gaming benefits of the 2-minute response speed.

MOTOSPEED CK61 mechanical keyboard is waterproof

Gaming console: Video Games Arcade Console - $146.99

PUBG is the kind of game you want to immerse yourself in — and for some of us, a good way to do it is by having a dedicated console. A video game console can help you indulge in hours of gameplay and truly immerse yourself in the experience. The console will make your PUBG experience more interactive and the top class chipset and branded hardware components make it a very reliable and durable gaming gadget to add to your home entertainment centre.

Video Games Arcade Console

What's more, together with the console, you get hundreds of classical arcade games to add to your collection. The video game console comes equipped with a high-quality video and audio engine and offers a stable performance for a variety of games.

Game controller: XROVER D6 Plus - $299.99

Finally, if you want to take your gaming to a whole different level, go all "authentic" and choose the XROVER D6 Plus game controller for your island adventures.

The gun controller will make your PUBG experience even more realistic and let you "shoot" your way to victory even more efficiently. The controller is compatible with personal computers, Sony PS3, Sony PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox 360S, and Xbox One.

Whether we've managed to interest you in one or several PUBG experience enhancing gadgets, we sincerely hope that you have found something that will help you get ahead in the challenging and exciting world of PUBG. Check out more gaming accessories on GearBest and send us your ideas about which gaming gadget impressed you most.

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