5 dog-themed items to celebrate Chinese New Year 2018

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The 2018 Chinese New Year began on Feb 16, and the celebration will last for over two weeks. So it is never too late to celebrate the Year of the Dog with these five cool canine-themed items that are sure to bring you luck in the upcoming year.

Dog Pattern Wallpaper Switch Sticker - $2.98

The cool dog themed wallpaper sticker is a fun way to decorate the room for Chinese New Year. It will also be a very welcome accessory to any household with canines or a cool addition to a child's room design.

The sticker is easy to apply and easy to remove, so don't worry about leaving stains on the walls — the sticker will peel off without any damage or residue. Make sure to apply the sticker to a dry clean and smooth surface so it can serve you longer. Eco-friendly and waterproof, it is 100% safe to use in any room of the house and would also make a fun little gift for the little ones.

Dog Pattern Phone Case for iPhone X - $3.42

Celebrate the upcoming Year of the Dog with a cool and stylish phone case for your iPhone X.

Designed for the perfect fit for the iPhone X, the case will be a great fashion accessory as well as reliable protection from occasional damage: dust getting in, drops, water and so on. What makes the case special is the glow-in-the-dark pattern. Turn off the light and you will see the case illuminate in a beautiful rainbow of colors —  which is not only fun but also practical as you will get to easily see where your phone is in your bag. Made of quality TPU material the phone case will serve your long and well and, hopefully, bring you lots of luck in the new year.

Fondant Cake Pudding Dog Pattern Mold - $2.07

If you feel like cooking something special for Chinese New Year, take a look at this cake or jelly or pudding or chocolate mold. Yes, there is a whole variety of desserts (and even savory dishes) that you can create with it — so set your imagination free.

The cute dog pattern is suitable not only for this Chinese New Year celebration — it would also be a great fit for a child's birthday party, themed celebrations or even baking something cute for your pet. Made with non-stick material, the mold lets the heat dispersed evenly and makes it super easy to take out your creative desserts without damaging them. Crafter with food grade silicone, the mold is also non-toxic and odorless, 100% safe for use at high temperatures.

High Definition Dog Print Oil Painting (4pcs) - $18.93

Decorate your house for the New Year with a high definition dog pattern canvas oil painting.

Wall art has earned the title of a true hit this year when it comes to simple and affordable home decorations. They are super easy to apply and are a very inexpensive way to add an interesting note to your home, brighten up the interior or decorate your house for an event. This dog pattern canvas oil painting is a high-definition print made with safe and eco-friendly imported ink and this means that you can hang it in any room of your home. The wall art consists of four pieces measuring 30cm x 60cm (2pcs) and 30cm x 80cm (2pcs).

Men Trendy 3D Dog Pattern Hoodie Jacket - $45.06

If you want to take your New Year celebration outside, check out this trendy dog pattern hoodie. Featuring the dog from one of the most popular Internet memes, the jacket is a cool fashion accessory but also very practical piece of clothing which can keep you warm even during the coldest months. Made of 100% polyester, the jacket is comfortable to wear and durable even if you choose to wear it every day. Once it does get dirty, make sure that you wash it by hand, this will help keep your favorite hoodie serving you even longer.


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