5 fun DIY toys for both kids and adults

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DIY toys are a great way to develop creativity and stimulate your child's mind. They are also much more fun than ready-made toys and provide a great opportunity for all of the family to work on a project together. In this post, we take a look at the 5 most interesting DIY toys on GearBest.

DIY Crystal Mud Plasticine Toy (6pcs), $10.04

Inspire your child's artistic sense and creativity with this colorful set of crystal bounce mud, stored in fun macaron boxes. The glowy mud is loads of fun letting your child create a variety of different shapes and objects. The toys are made of safe and eco-friendly crystal mud material and is perfect for developing motor and other skills  in young children. Even adults can find the sticky toys a whole lot of fun and happily use them as stress-relievers.

DIY Crystal Mud Plasticine Toy (6pcs)

DIY Smiling Face Style Plasticine Toy (1 piece), $2.92

This is another crystal mud set – this time, stored in a round plastic ring with a smiley face on top. Crystal mud is a great tool for creativity thanks to its extraordinary elasticity — it can be stretched, curled, rolled and so much more. Since the sticky material can form many different shapes, the plaything can be a good tool for training the creativity and hands-on ability in young children.

DIY Smiling Face Style Plasticine Toy (1 piece)

DIY Nonmagnetic Strong Aqueous Bounce Mud, $5.31

Another creative toy and DIY tool on our list. This nonmagnetic crystal bounce mud is made of imported silicone material and offers incredible elasticity. In addition to using the mud with the above featured toys (you can stretch it, roll it, etc.), when you roll the mud into a ball it can bounce up and down — loads of fun for kids and adults alike. The mud is transparent and can also be a great tool to use in creative school assignments in DIY projects.

DIY Nonmagnetic Strong Aqueous Bounce Mud

DIY Wooden Robot Toy (1 piece), $2.97

Made of eco-friendly wooden material, this mini robot can stand on its own two feet. It also has flexible joints and perform a number of tricks: stand on one foot, sit, lie on your desk and more. You may think that the toy is too simple — but like all the toys on this list it offers plenty of opportunities for creativity: give your child a set of brushes and let them transform the wooden robot into a personal and colorful toy.

DIY Wooden Robot Toy (1 piece)

EX220 Carbon Fiber DIY True X Frame Kit, $31.34

For older children and all those who are interested in drone racing and building, the X220 220mm DIY carbon fiber frame is a good choice for building a powerful FPV racing drone. After a fun building project — you will have a great sky toy to play with and constructing the drone is a great project to work on together with your kids.

EX220 Carbon Fiber DIY True X Frame Kit

The 3K carbon fiber frame features the high weight-to-thrust ratio and is exceptionally impact resistant. Note that you will need to purchase additional parts to complete the project — you will find the list of recommended parts sent together with the frame.

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