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5 interesting toys for your kids

ByDavid Tsang 2018-09-11 1438

Pretend play is an important way for young children to develop their imagination and mind. Whether it’s unleashing their creativity or improving their fine motor skills, today’s toys are designed with realistic, eye-catching designs to bring a smile to any child’s face. With playtime being a core part of learning, we take a look at five inspirational and fun toys for kids in our short guide.

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Lighting that creative spark in young minds has never been more important. When it comes to early development and education toys, GearBest is a great place to discover deals. Pretend play promotes self-directed learning to promote creativity, cognitive ability (reasoning) and social skills (confidence). Just as important, each of our learning toys is made with safe, durable and non-toxic materials for total peace of mind. Ergonomic, easy to handle and colorful, let's get hands on with five fantastic toys for your kids at GearBest.

1. Bouncing toy pogo sticks -$34.39

4 fun colors of bouncing toy pogo sticks 

Feature highlights:

● Available in 4 fun colors

● Anti-slip Handle

● High durability and wear resistance

● Stable and reliable

A great way to stay fit and have fun, our Bouncy Toy Pogo Sticks deliver a solid jumping experience. Thanks to high quality construction with rubber and a high quality manganese steel spring, our sturdy pogo sticks are designed with safety in mind. Anti-slip handles and feet pedals maximize comfort and stability when hopping and jumping. Built to be sturdy, durable and wear-resistant, our pogo sticks will provide lots of fun for years to come. Available in a range of bright and bold colors, find the pogo stick that's right for your child.

Why you should buy it: great for physical exercise, easy to use, and lots of fun

2. Rotating light rechargeable remote control car toys -$17.83

the design and features of rotating light rechargeable remote control car toys 

Feature highlights:

● Wheel drive shaft allows 360° rotation

● Easy to control Remote Control

● Durable build for stunt tricks

● Fun LED show

Everyone loves RC cars! The Rotating Light Rechargeable Remote Control Car Toys is one of our coolest models. Combining realistic driving and handling for better performance, this super trick spinner can rotate a full 360° for the craziest spinning moves. Large wheels provide excellent stability and traction for off-road use as good speeds, while the cool LED lights deliver a dazzling light show at night. It's durable too with a robust frame. Overall, the Rotating Light Rechargeable Remote Control Car Toy is an impressive RC car that packs plenty of power and tricks – all for a great price.

Why you should buy it: Good build quality, versatile tricks and easy to use for kids.

3. DIY metamorphic car airplane block toy 2 In 1 -$19.88

the design of DIY metamorphic car airplane block toy 2 In 1 

Feature highlights:

● Durable build quality

● Anti-skid tyres

● Safe, eco-friendly ABS material

● Two toys in one

One of the coolest toys we've seen, the awesome DIY Metamorphic Car Airplane Block Toy 2 In 1 is more than meets the eye. Combining several toy types into one, it's a collection of 361 building blocks that can be assembled into either a dump truck or an airplane. The attention to detail is incredible, bringing both the truck and the plane to life. It's more accurate to describe this as an education toy, it's designed to develop a child's imagination and creativity, while also improving their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The blocks are also safe to use, made from ABS material that's environmentally friendly. Overall, this is a fantastic choice.

Why you should buy it: develops creativity, two different designs, and excellent value

4. DIY puzzle handwork 3D magic printing machine -$24.99

the design and fuctions of DIY puzzle handwork 3D magic printing machine

Feature highlights:

● Many creative options

● Allows for versatile designs

● Easy to operate for kids

● Designed with safety in mind

Inspired by the 3D printing craze that's sweeping the world, the DIY Puzzle Handwork 3D Magic Printing Machine is a fantastic way for kids to bring their creativity to life. With safe materials and easy to use parts, the only thing missing is imagination! Designed with safety, non-toxic materials are used for peace of mind. The 3D molding machine is easy to operate and works within minutes, kids will be creating interesting and cool patterns in no time. This fantastic educational toy is one of the most interesting and novel ones we've seen in a long time. Don't miss out, check it out at GearBest today.

Why you should buy it: develop fine motor skills, improves creativity and focus, and fun alone or with friends

5. Multifunctional electric fishing water table kids toys set -$30.25

the design and versatile of multifunctional electric fishing water table kids toys set  

Feature highlights:

● Strong motor causes water flow and ripples

● Versatile: fishing toy, waterfall, music and much more

● Easy to assemble for DIY projects

● Safe and fun for children and families

Fishing is one of the easiest games to teach a young child. And with the awesome Multifunctional Electric Fishing Water Table Kids Toys Set, it's also the most fun. The fishing game is a great way to learn important skills such as coordination and teamwork using the included fishing rods and the fishing scoops. Kids will love the little features, including the rippling water, a cool waterfall, and the lively musical fishing tower. It's easy to assemble too, so kids will have fun building the fishing pool and other sections. And once everything has been built, the whole family can share the entertainment!

Why you should buy it: versatile design, improves social skills, and great value

It's a wrap, everyone

We hope you enjoyed reading our short guide on 5 cool toys for kids. And while the list is small, we have thousands more toys to choose from. In fact, GearBest offers everything from RC toys, musical instruments, classic toys, educational toys, action figures, to dolls and plushies. So for super-sized deals on our fantastic toys, discover fun for every age at GearBest today.

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