5 laptop accessories you will definitely need

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Let’s face it, no matter how active we try to be every day, most of us still spend quite a bit of time in front of the laptop. Make sure your number one working tool is well-equipped and protected for long stable use - check out these 5 inexpensive laptop accessories that can make a big difference.

BUJIAN T102 LED Laptop Cooling Pad

Laptops do tend to overheat - especially if you use them often and for lengthy periods of time.Your computer overheating can cause serious damage to internal hardware and even bodily harm. That's why a laptop cooling pad is an absolute must-have in your accessory kit. The BUJIAN T102 cooling pad increases the flow of wind into the computer's ventilation system letting the device naturally cool down. The slim low-noise design will make you forget about the cooling pad in a matter of minutes.

LD19 Foldable Laptop Table

 Switching work stations can be very beneficial for creativity. This little portable desk is equipped with a cooling fan and can help you create a comfortable working environment anywhere you are. The table's foldable design can save you loads of space at home and will come in especially handy when traveling. Simply fold the table into its carriable size and off you go. Measuring just 360 x 350 x 65mm in its folded form, the laptop table is no bigger than an average bag.

Rubber Leisure Hand Bag

Give your laptop an edgy fashion accessory  - this colorful graffiti rubber carrying bag is perfect for 15 inch laptops. The bag's bright and stylish print will definitely set it apart from other laptop carrying cases and would make a cool gift for a fashionable friend. Made from highly durable 3mm polydiene rubber, it is guaranteed to serve you well and long.

ENKAY PET Screen Protector Clear Film

Laptops go with us everywhere, we carry them around in backpacks, on coffee breaks, have lunch in front of them and more - and thus, these handy devices deserve as much protection as possible. A thing as simple as a film protector for your screen can save you a lot of time and trouble guarding your laptop's display from dirt, dust and smudges. Made from non-toxic engineering-grade thermoplastic, the ENKAY screen protector is scratch resistant, easily washable and reusable.

Universal USB Flexible LED Light

Create the perfect working ambiance anywhere you are. With this simple yet highly practical mini USB LED light will let you see your laptop's keyboard in perfect clarity, no matter the lighting conditions. Thanks to the flexible alloy metal material, the mini light can be adjusted according to your needs. It is energy-saving and environmentally-friendly.


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