5 men watch gift ideas under $30

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You can't go wrong with a watch as a gift. It's practical, classy and long-lasting. If you don't yet have the budget to splurge on a Rolex, we've got the next best thing right here. All the watches in this list are available on GearBest right now and can be yours for very affordable prices.

SINOBI 9710 stainless steel band men quartz watch, $26.73

You can't beat a classic - and the SINOBI 9710 comes with the simple and elegant circular watch face with clearly displayed numerals. The watch features a well-executed copper dial and a durable stainless steel band that will sit comfortably on the wrist. The arrows on the dial will light up in green in the dark and the 20mm watch strap is easily changeable letting you mix and match different styles for different occasions. On the side of the watch face, you will find two buttons (for starting, stopping and resetting the timer) and a crown (for adjusting date and time).

SINOBI 9710 Stainless Steel Band Men Quartz Watch

6.11 8159 fashionable dual time zone men watch, $22.42

As the name suggests, this would make the perfect gift for someone who often finds himself traveling or working between time zones. It's also a good fit for those who prefer an active lifestyle - the timepiece is water-resistant and doesn't need to be hidden from the elements.

6.11 8159 Fashionable Dual Time Zone Men Watch

The watch face features two dials making it quick and easy to tell time in multiple locations. Made of acrylic mirror material, the dial is solid and scratch-resistant and the stainless steel band comes with a butterfly clasp making it easy to take on and off without wearing down the band.

SKONE 5146 men quartz watch, $21.99

If you are looking for a gift for someone whose style is more on the edgier side, take a closer look at the SKONE 5146. Featuring a fashion-forward design, the watch is a definite attention grabber and a great timepiece to sport at a party or to complete a styled look. The transparent and hollow dial makes sure you can see the time clearly and pointer and scales are illuminated in the darkness. The watch comes with a silicone strap which most wearers find most convenient to wear and is water-resistant.

SKONE 5146 Men Quartz Watch

GND 4011 dual movt leather band men watch, $11.76

If you are searching for something truly unique, check out the GND 4011 Dual Movt Leather Band Watch. Featuring multiple dials, the timepiece is a stylish imitation of modern sports watches. You will be able to clearly tell the time thanks to a clear dial with large numerals but do note that the compass and thermometer dials are purely decorative. Coming with a soft leather band, the watch is comfortable to wear and the acrylic mirror dial is solid and scratch-resistant.

GND 4011 Dual Movt Leather Band Men Watch

Bewell ZS - W086B men quartz watch, $36.19

Another stylish piece completes today's list: the Bewell ZS comes with a truly original design. With a wooden strap and watch face, you couldn't possibly have a more natural watchpiece on your wrist. The woden strap comes equipped with a metal folding clasp keeping the watch securely in place and Japanese quartz movement technology makes sure you will always have accurate time. Note that because the watch is made of natural materials, it will be better to keep it away from intense sunlight and water exposure.

Bewell ZS - W086B Men Quartz Watch


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