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On this Valentine’s Day, you are likely to give your lady a romantic gift: jewelry, chocolate, flowers, wine and delicious food. But if your lady is into tech, you will be lucky to choose one from the 6 best techie treats out there that are perfect for Valentine’s Day.

V9 Mini Wireless Metal Bluetooth Speaker - $19.99

Bring more music into the life of your loved one this season with the stylish and practical V9 mini wireless metal Bluetooth speaker.

The key feature of the V9 is the quality LCD screen, which not only displays all the key information like time, charging status, alarms — but can also double as a mirror when turned off.

The cubic shape makes the gadget a stylish accessory to put almost anywhere in your home. Thanks to the compact size, the speaker is incredibly portable so you can freely move it around the house or even take with you to the office. The V9 produces good quality sound and even promises to create a three-dimensional auditory experience.

The multifunctional gadget is a great gift for many reasons: starting from its cool stylish look and a beautiful display to quality sound and a nice selection of extra features. The new bestselling speaker comes in four trendy color options: black, silver, golden, and rose gold.

JA - 768 Electric Clothes Lint Remover - $7.85

Men often complain about how long it takes for a woman to get ready. The thing is they probably do not know all the annoying little things that get in the way when you are just about to get ready to step out that door. Lint is definitely one of them. The fuzz on sweaters and wool coats creates a rather untidy look — and getting rid of it is a whole ordeal. Unless, that is, you have the JA-768 electric clothes lint remover that can easily rid you of the annoying fuzz without causing any harm to your clothing.

The lint remover is very easy to operate: all you need to do is plug it in push, the ON button and glide the machine on your clothing. Thanks to the precise honeycomb mesh, all the lint is sucked in efficiently leaving your outfits looking better than ever. What's also great about the lint remover is that it comes in a very compact size and would easily fit into a purse —  and this means you can have with you any time in case of a lint emergency.


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10-in-1 Mobile Photography Kit - $11.99

Girls do love those selfies. Instead of complaining about it, help her take her photography skills to a more professional level with the 10-in-1 mobile photo kit.

Here’s what comes included:

Bluetooth control: act as a remote shutter and will let her take selfies to an entirely new level of creativity thanks to easy one key operation.

Extendable selfie stick (up to 92cm): a true must have for anyone who takes healthease more than once a day.

Tripod holder: put an end to shaky videos once and for all with a stable tripod holder that will let you take professional grade videos even with a smartphone camera.

15x macro lens: let you take very clear close-ups all small items, another great accessory for those who want to dabble in nature photography.

180 degree fisheye lens: perfect for panoramic images and getting one of the background into your shots.

0.67 wide angle lens: a great tool for capturing landscapes, panoramic scenery, cityscapes, and more.

12x zoom telescopic lens: a great accessory for taking really detailed photos, nature shots and more.

In addition to the accessories mentioned above, the kit contains one pouch for carrying all the new goodies, one phone clip and a cloth for wiping down the lenses.

Sucker Cat Phone Stand - $5.98

Valentine Day's gifts are all about cuteness and romance —  and when you can throw in a bit of practicality, then you may just be up for the best boyfriend of the year award.  

This cute cat phone stand will offer unlimited viewing angle flexibility when using a smartphone and is especially great for watching movies, recording videos and chatting with friends. The cat stand is made with a soft TPU sticker and can be easily attached to your phone without scratching the surface. Small and portable, you can easily carry it in your pocket and take out whenever needed without any extra bulk in your bag or a heavy phone case that weighs down your phone. When not in use as a stand, the cat accessory can serve as a fun decoration for your desk, computer screen, and more.

HUAWEI Band 3 Smartband - $44.25

Smart band is one of modern days’ fitness essentials. And the HUAWEI Band 3 puts together all the needed functionality for staying in shape and motivating yourself for workouts. The watch is the perfect personal health tracker and it comes with all the necessary physical indicators to help you track your fitness programs and set new goals.

First you have the pedometer that will calculate your daily activity. Then, there is the heart rate monitor, which will tell you how your heart response to exercising. Sleep monitor is there to watch over your rest at night, making sure that you have enough time to get your energy back. Naturally, you will also be able to set a variety of alarms to make sure you stay on schedule throughout the day.

One of the watch’s big selling points is the waterproof design — you can take it as deep as 50 meters down underwater, which makes it a great accessory for diving and practically any water sports. The ultra long battery life means that the watch can be on standby for 45 days and consumes less power than other similar devices.

Mini X2T Wireless Double Bluetooth Headset - $20.99

We go back to the music theme again. And if there are two things that most of us, regardless of gender, always run low on,  these are probably socks and headphones.

The Mini X2T wireless headset is a great gadget for music lovers and those who love to chat on the go or while driving. Featuring active noise cancellation and sweat resistance, the headphones are also a good fit for joggers.

The Mini X2T will work with any Bluetooth device: smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, etc. What’s more,  due to multi-point connection support, you can use the headphones with two Bluetooth devices at the same time. You will have a decent quality of sound end high-definition microphone for easy hands-free conversations on the phone.

Thanks to the super long standby the headphones offer up to 5 hours of continuous music playback or conversation (2.5 hours when connected to two devices at the same time) —  so your girl will be able to chat away with her girlfriend as long as she likes and you won't need to hear a word of it.

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