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Liven up your working area, create a relaxing atmosphere, give your child a fun toy to play with before bed and more with these 6 fun creative LED lamps. From reading lamps to night lights, find exactly what you are looking for among our top mini light recommendations.

ZBOLE Foldable Paper Book Wooden Lamp, $24.99

Readers will love this one. The ZBOLE Novelty Book Light is a book-shaped lamp with a truly creative way of providing light.

Open the lamp just like a book and the light will turn on automatically. The lamp produces enough light to read by, to act as a night light or provide a soft relaxing light for a larger space — like a living room. More than that, the lamp can be used to create a specific time of ambiance: for a romantic dinner, movie night, yoga session, etc. The lamp is very portable: fold it and you can easily fit it into a bag and take almost anywhere. It is also USB-rechargeable and can be easily connected to a power bank, computer, or phone. Made of high-density paper fiber, the lamp is tear-resistant, safe and eco-friendly. More amazingly, the magnetic closure enables thel light to attach to any metal surface.

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LED Plasma Globe Ball, $8.75

Want to tell your own fortune? You can do it with this magical LED orb. We are kidding, of course — but this Plasma Globe Ball LED Lamp does not need any magic to be a quality source of light.

The light forms as a result of high frequency currents that stream trapped inside the glass sphere at relatively low pressures — the small plasma orb in the center serves as an electrode that delivers the high voltage currents. The orb lamp is touch sensitive — and controlling it is not only easy but also fun. It would do well as a night light and can easily bring back the 80s at a theme party.

Creative Seedling LED Reading Lamp + Pen Case, $17.68

Made in the shape of a growing plant, the LED desk lamp offers utmost convenience with its flexibility and a 360 degree rotating angle. Despite its playful design, the lamp is a highly efficient source of light. The lamp also comes with a pen and pencil case — thus, saving you plenty of desk space and helping you keep things organized. In addition to all the functionality, seedling lamp is simply a fun accessory to liven up your working area — and there’s a wide range of colors to choose from.

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Brelong USB DC 5V 7 Night Light + Humidifier, $10.24

The Brelong USB DC 5V 7 is the perfect night light — not only thanks to its soft colorful light, but also because it doubles as an air humidifier and aroma dispenser. This way, this mini light also provides you with an aromatherapy session. Fill the 400ml container with water, add a few drops of oil (lavender, eucalyptus and cedar are often recommended for a good night’s sleep) and indulge in the ultimate relaxation.The lamp is made out of food-grade environmentally friendly PET material and is, thus, eco-friendly and absolutely safe to use, even in a child’s bedroom. Controls are easy: simply long press the lamp to switch colors and turn it on and off.

Rechargeable Rabbit LED Night Lamp, $11.59

Another great option to light up a child’s bedroom is this Rechargeable Rabbit LED Night Lamp. The light is designed as a snow globe — inside, you will see a cartoonish scene which is lit up through the larger figurine. The brightness of the light is adjustable from medium to high, so it can be used in various situations, both at night and in day time as a decoration. Thanks to the hook design at the top, the light can not only sit on the night stand, but can also be hung up as a lantern.

Cartoon Cat Cartoon LED Night Light, $10.87

Cats have their own fan group. If you know anyone who adores the animals and just can’t have enough of their cute looks and complicated characters, this fun Cartoon Cat LED Night Light would make the perfect gift. The color-changing light would fit in perfectly well into a child’s bedroom and provide the room with a soft relaxing light. The night lamp can be easily charged vis a USB cable and is very easy and fun to control: you can either press the light or clap your hands. The mini cat lamp is made of ABS material and silica gel and is perfectly suitable for use at home.

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