8 best Christmas stocking stuffer ideas under $20

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Christmas is upon us! With just a few days left till the official gift opening time, things may be getting stressful. If you haven’t yet picked up all the gifts for friends and family — don’t worry! We have compiled this handy list of popular and affordable stocking stuffers under $20 for this season!

For the gambler: Mini Lucky Slot Machine - $1.99

Know any risk-takers? Well, we have the perfect gift to give them. This Mini Lucky Slot Machine is perfect as a party starter or for unwinding after work — and much safer than hitting the real slot machines.

Despite its miniature size, the slot machine is very realistic and works exactly as the real thing: simply pull the lever on the right and wait for the sacred three of the same pictures (fruits, numbers, and English words) to pop up on the screen. And it is eco-friendly, no need to recharge and no batteries needed. Such a good item to release your pressure or play games with your friends.

For the 80's man: Retro Cassette Style Pen Holder - $12.67

 Do you know anyone who should have been born in the 80s or simply loves the era? Then, this creative Retro Cassette Style Pen Holder would be a great thing to put in their stocking this Christmas.

This retro desk organizer is great for keeping your working area clean and tidy and will securely hold your pens, pencils, and other tiny objects safely in one place — you can also use it as an adhesive tape machine.


For the naughty: Scary Cockroach Remote Controlled Toy - $12.69

Yep, this is not Halloween nor April Fool's Day. But we are pretty sure at least a few people may have been naughty this year. And if so, this Cockroach Infrared Remote Controlled Toy is much more efficient at transmitting your message than good old coal.

The insect is finely crafted and very life-like. It comes with a handy remote control — for maximum scaring potential and even comes with two bright LED lights to make sure it’s visible in the darkest hours. It is sure to make your target scared instead of surprise when he receives this stocking stuffer.

For the forgetful: Fluorescent Message Board Clock - $15.27

Your friends or families are always prone to forgetting the important things after waking up, he or she struggles to get out of bed every morning, this is a great gift for them — Fluorescent Message Board with date, time and an alarm clock.

The board is perfect for leaving reminders to yourself and others: simply write notes with a highlighter or even draw pictures, turn on the LED light and see your writing come through on the glassy screen. As mentioned earlier, the clock shows date, time and even temperature and doubles as an alarm clock. It’s also an interesting way to leave pleasant memos to loved ones.

For her: Brushegg Makeup Brush Cleaner - $4.99

Annoyed that it takes her way too long to get ready to go out? Speed things up with a small, practical and clever gift — the Brushegg Makeup Cleaner.

This tiny tool will be of great help in day-to-day makeup as it efficiently cleans brushes and sponges from removing makeup remnants, dust and other debris. Featuring two types of ridged areas, it is suitable for both large face brushes and smaller detailed brushes. The brush cleaner comes in many bright colors and is super portable.


For the mermen: LED Display Water Shower Thermometer - $13.99

The Water Shower Thermometer — an easy high-tech solution for monitoring water temperature. Its clear and convenient 360-degree rotary LED display will monitor the exact water temperature at the source (the sensor is mounted into the pipe). It would be a very welcome gift for new parents or anyone who loves taking a lot of showers and baths. With the thermometer, you will be able to forget about being surprised by ice-cold or scalding water!

For the bowlers: Mini Wooden Desktop Bowling Set - $10.24

If any of your friends love bowling they will definitely appreciate an opportunity to indulge in their favorite pastime without leaving the office.

The mini bowling set will let its lucky owner hone their skills whenever they have a free minute. Simply mount the launching base, adjust the angle and make sure the ball hits the target. Take the desktop game wherever you are: to a friend’s home, office, etc. — anywhere you want!


For the Jedi: YWXLight Double Sided RGB LED Lightsaber (2 pcs) - $9.99

We complete the list with the perfect gift for a Star Wars fan — and don’t worry — it’s not a high-priced collectible even though the gift getter is sure to experience just as much joy.

The YWXLight double-sided LED lightsaber will get the party started in no time as your friends recreate epic battles from the saga. Shake the sword for more effect: to change color and set off cool battle sound effects!

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