8 facts you need to know before buying an oil painting

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The popularity of oil paintings has transcended centuries and arrived safely in the modern world. Oil paintings have become sought-after house decoration and are appreciated for their simplicity, variety of colors and versatility.

There are currently about 800 types of oil paintings available and more are flooding into our GearBest every day. With that much choice, making a decision may not be easy. No worries, we've got you covered. Read on for some helpful tips on how to choose an oil painting.

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The best oil painting gallery: general guidelines

Keep in mind that a choice of an oil painting is mostly meant to reflect your personal taste and, preferably, blend in well with your home decor. So, there is no right or wrong here - please take the tips below as advice and let your heart have the final say.

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Suitable space

First, you will need to decide where the painting is going: living room, bedroom, hallway, kitchen, etc. This in itself may introduce some helpful guidelines when it comes to the color scheme and the shape of the oil painting.

Suitable space for oil painting

A living room is the most common place to have your art displayed - just make sure to check the space where you want to hang the painting and the decor of your room before deciding on the purchase. When buying a painting on GearBest, you will also see some recommendations in the painting's description - they can give you a hint as to what area the painting would fit in best.

"This finished oil painting is a great idea to decorate your living room, dining room, bedroom, TV wall background, sofa backdrop, and corridor".

Style and colors

Other than personal tastes and suitable place, the style and the main color of the oil painting choose should blend in well with your current house decor.

So look into the colors and styles of your walls, furniture, lamps, floor and so on, and then see what colors you would like to add to the environment. For instance, warm wall colors (yellows, light oranges, soft pinks) are best complimented by cool colored paintings: blues, greens and so on.

The room's style is another consideration. If you prefer minimalistic design, you might want a simple painting with clear geometrical shapes.

On the other hand, if you like your space to be more eclectic, you may want to add a passionately colorful piece that would become the focus of the room.

passionately colorful oil painting

Finally, even though you can definitely get more than one panting for a room (depending on the size of the room and the paintings), it's generally a good idea to not overdo it with too many differently-colored and styled paintings. With too much going on, paintings can lose their individuality and the quantity won't make up for the loss of quality.

Size and shape

The size and shape of oil paintings are also important factors to consider. On Gearbest, you will find 5 main types of paintings: horizontal, horizontal panoramic, square, vertical, and vertical panoramic. Vertical paintings are typically better for smaller spaces, as you can use more of the wall space without "cluttering" the look of the room. Horizontal panoramic paintings, on the other hand, are a great fit for spacious rooms.

Horizontal panoramic paintings


Canvas refers to the fabric used as a painting surface. Oil paintings are typically painted on cotton fibers or linen canvas. Cotton fibers are affordable and easy to stretch, but they are not flexible enough for large paintings. Linen fibers, on the other hand, are strong and durable, and less prone to contraction or expansion due to moisture - which is, in turn, reflected in a higher price tag.

DIY or ready-made

When selecting an oil painting on GearBest, make sure to check whether the painting in question is DIY or ready-made.

A DIY painting is basically a creative project that will need a lot of your artistic input. You will receive a canvas, a sample picture, a blueprint, a paint set and paintbrush.

A DIY painting is a great way to express your artistic nature and would also make a truly personal gift for friends and family.

DIY painting tool

Alternatively, a ready-made oil painting is hand-printed by experienced artists and is ready to be put up on your wall and admired.

ready-made oil painting


You will find a wide selection of the themes among the oil paintings available on GearBest: landscape, architecture, cartoons, abstract, figure, etc. You will even see oil paintings with a 3D effect.

subjects of oil paintings

Your choice of subject is, of course, a matter of personal preference.

You can choose to decorate your study with something motivational, pick a calming sea motive for your bedroom or brighten up your kitchen with a picture of exotic flowers and fruits.

There are plenty types of cartoon and animal themes available for your child's room as well.


Form here indicates the number of panels in an oil painting. Some oil paintings just have one panel, which means the subjects are painted on a complete canvas. While others may be painted on two or more panels. Just like oil painting below.

5PCS White Tiger Printed Oil Painting Canvas Wall Sticker

There is no particular standard for form selection. Once again, it's a matter of your personal preference, house decor and available space.

Frame or no frame

If your oil painting comes with an inner frame, it is all ready to be hung on your wall. If it doesn't, it's up to you to buy or make a stretcher, stretch the painting across the four corners and then display it. Oil paintings that come with no frame offer you more DIY flexibility, but, if you don't want to spend time on the extra work, go with the frame included option. Make sure to read the painting's specifications carefully before making a purchase.

oil painting comes with an inner frame

Bottom line

We hope the above guidelines would make your choice of an oil painting easier. We sincerely wish you a pleasant oil painting buying experience.

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