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9 things you must know when using a humidifier

ByLinky Johnson 2018-11-28 2496

With the coming of winter, the humidity in the air decreases significantly, so we will feel uncomfortable, especially for our skin, throat and lung. Then a humidifier is very necessary at this time. However, there are some common things we usually ignore or even don’t know about the humidifier, which will cause many serious problems to our health. And that’s why we write this article to tell you about this.

What is Humidifier?

Humidifier is a very simple element, composed of a water container that through different systems evaporates and make the water become part of the air in the room. With it we are going to improve the humidity of the room and to favor that the air we breathe is less aggressive for the respiratory tract.

Humidifiers, what are they for?

At home, especially when we have children, it is very important to maintain an adequate atmosphere. This means that the temperature and humidity are at adequate values. In winter, with the use of heating, with the increase of the first and the descent of the second, coupled with the fact that the home air is usually renewed less, the situation becomes more complicated.

Humidifiers help us to improve that environment by increasing humidity, which also translates into a lower risk of microorganisms that cause respiratory infections to proliferate. In addition, we achieve that the air is not so dry, which avoids that the air produces irritations in the throat and the skin. Finally, the passage of colds becomes more bearable if the humidity is between 40 and 60 percent.

Cleaning, so that we do not cause them to be a source of non-beneficial microorganisms. Important not to use detergent or rinse it very well because the remains will be integrated into the environment when we activate the equipment. Water must also be changed daily. Use it when it is convenient, that is, when there are respiratory problems, in winter due to the dryness of the air or when the temperature-humidity combination is not correct.

What should I know before buying a humidifier?

The main objective of a humidifier is to improve the air in the home and improving the humidity level in very dry places. There are many ways to classify a humidifier, but it is usually done according to its technology and if it can emit cold or hot air.

Those of hot steam boil the water, they finish with elements of the environment that should not be there and raise the temperature of the place.

There are essences for a humidifier that will help to improve the smell of the place.

Those of cold steam extract the air, humidify it with a filter and then return it to the interior. They should not influence the temperature of the place.

Humidifying power

When referring to the humidifying power, we talk about the speed with which it can create steam. However, it will be useless if the device is very powerful if the room to be humidified exceeds its possibilities.

There must be a relationship: if the room is small, we should buy a small humidifier.

Water tank capacity

Calculate that with a deposit of a minimum of 2 liters should be more than enough. However, when bigger is almost better, since this way we will not have to be controlling at all times if it has been filled.

The most advanced models have a special socket to connect the hose to an evacuation point. This way you can release the water automatically, without having to do it on your own.

Exit humidity programming

It does not hurt to buy a humidifier that can be programmed. For example, a humidifier can be very useful to improve the environment when we have a baby at home ... but experts recommend not having it on for a long time.

In this case, we can use the programming functions so that it is turned on just long enough.


If we are going to use it at night, or we are very sensitive to noise, choose a model that emits less than 36dB. But if you are going to use it during the day, then you can go to those more powerful and, therefore, will be noisier.

Main types of humidifier

There are mainly two kinds of humidifiers in the markets. One is an ultrasonic air humidifier, and the other one is pure-type humidifier (such as the Smartmi Pure Evaporative Air Humidifier on GearBest).

The ultrasonic air humidifier

The ultrasonic air humidifiers are the most common humidifiers on the market. More than 80% of humidifiers belong to this type. Just like the pictures below:

ultrasonic air humidifier

ultrasonic air humidifier

The main characteristics of the ultrasonic humidifier are that it can generate white powder, and the price of it is very cheap. Part of ultrasonic humidifiers also support adding the oil diffuser.

The ultrasonic humidifier can generate high frequency ultrasonic oscillations which can reach 2 million times per second. Simply speaking, the ultrasonic humidifier breaks up the water molecules via high frequency oscillation. The broken particles can be even smaller than PM 2.5. That also means the bacteria in the water will be very easily sucked into our lungs. So if you are using an ultrasonic air humidifier, we recommend you add the purified water instead of the tap water.       

What's the effect of adding the tap water to the ultrasonic humidifier?

There are 2 main effects if you add the tap water to the ultrasonic humidifier. On the one hand, there will be water scale inside the humidifier, which will shorten the working time of the humidifier. On the other hand, as we mentioned above, it is bad for your health, as there are many bacteria in the tap water.    

What kind of humidifier should I buy for the office use?

It's very convenient to get purified water in the office. Plus, the price of the ultrasonic humidifier is very cheap. So we recommend to buy the ultrasonic humidifier. In terms of water tank capacity, it can be 2L or less.

Can the ultrasonic humidifiers be used for mothers and infants?

Personally, if you want to buy a humidifier for mothers and infants, I suggest choosing the pure-type humidifiers. After all, no one is willing to bet on the child's health.

Besides, one thing you should note is that don’t let the humidifier blow the vapor in your face directly.

Pure-type humidifier

Compared with the ultrasonic humidifier, the pure-type humidifier adopts more advanced technology. It can remove the calcium and magnesium ions from water via the molecular sieve evaporation technology.


Smartmi Pure Evaporative Air Humidifier - WHITE

Smartmi Pure Evaporative Air Humidifier - WHITE
$154 $115.99    


The main features of the pure-type humidifier is that it will not generate white powder and the price of it is relatively higher than the ultrasonic humidifier.   

pure-type humidifier 

Most of the Pure-type humidifiers allows to add the water directly to the water tank from the top of the humidifier. The special "evaporation" technology does not require too much about the water quality, so you can also add the tap water with no worries about health problems.   

In addition to humidifying the air, the pure-type humidifier can also help purify the air. So it is the best choice for children and the aged.

Can I add some functional elements to the humidifier, such as disinfectant, or Radix Isatidis?

We suggest not to add any so-called "disinfection" or something that can prevent influenza into the humidifier.  On the one hand, it will affect the water quality. On the other hand, it may cause dizziness or discomfort for some people.

Should we often clean the humidifier?

Yes. As the limescale will be generated under the long-term use. So we should clean the humidifier regularly, whether it’s the ultrasonic humidifier or pure-type humidifier.  

What’s the proper humidity in the room when using a humidifier?

The indoor humidity should be kept between 40% and 60%. If the humidity is too high, it’s very easy to breed bacteria. So you can also buy a hygrometer to control the humidity in your room.


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