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Smart lighting enables you to fill your home with light in an intelligent way. From app controlled Bluetooth bulbs and 3D night lamps to smart light strips and even toilet seat LED lights, you will find plenty of intelligent lighting ideas for a brighter home.

Magic Blue UU Bluetooth Bulb, $8.99 (22% off)

A Bluetooth bulb is one of the most popular smart home lighting solutions. While a standard bulb lets you light up an area with only one color, a smart Bluetooth bulb brings 16 million shades of color to your fingertips. The lights are efficiently controlled via an app — and you can easily change the color remotely. Pairing the light bulb to your phone is a piece of cake and, in a matter of minutes, you will be ready to take full control of your smart lighting. Thanks to the variety of available colors, the Magic Blue UU Bluetooth Bulb is a great choice not only for improving your interior design, but also a nice decoration for bars, cafes, restaurants, clubs, etc.

The Magic Light Bulb can also be a simple and effective way to create a special ambience for your home: choose dark red for a romantic evening, green for Christmas lights, pumpkin orange for Halloween and more.

Ywxlight Smart Bathroom Toliet Night Light, $8.57

Night lights are very common in the bedroom. A great number of people prefer to have a soft source of light throughout the night or, at least, the option of having one within reach when one needs to get up at night.

The Ywxlight Smart Bathroom Toliet Night Light takes on another role: it offers a source of light at the most popular night time destination, the bathroom. The smart bathroom light easily attaches to your toilet seat and features a motion sensor that will turn the light on automatically as you enter the bathroom. Thanks to a flexible arm, the LED light securely attaches onto the rim of your toilet and rests just below the seat, without interfering in any way with daily use and interior. You will have a choice of 16 colors: you can choose a fixed color or go with a carousel mode, which will randomly switch colors. One of the main advantages of this type of night light (compared to the alternative of turning on your main bathroom light) is that it’s much easier on your eyes and will not "blind" you with brightness.


Creative i - light Smart Bedroom LED Light Strip, $29.99 (19% off)

Continuing the theme of night lights, here we have a very simple and very multifunctional LED light. i-light is a small LED light strip that is perfect for use under a bed, in a closet or in other types of hard-to-reach areas and will provide a soft source of light. Thanks to the built-in motion sensor, the light will turn on automatically when you get up and start walking around the room — thus, you won’t have to fumble for a light switch in the dark. The mini LED light strip is incredibly energy-efficient and consumes 80% less power than traditional incandescent lighting. The light is very easy to install and use and you won’t need any apps or controls, as the light turns on and off automatically.

There are three light patterns available: single bed version (one sensor + one 1.4 meter LED strip), baby bed version (one sensor + one 1 meter LED strip) and twin-bed version (two sensors + two 1.2 meter LED strip).

3pcs PLAYBULB Flameless Candle Light, $49.99

Candles are a great way to create a special atmosphere. However, they are messy, need a lot of attention and can potentially be dangerous. PLAYBULB is a scented Bluetooth Smart LED flameless candle — a safe and hassle-free alternative to traditional candles. PLAYBULB can be easily controlled with an app: turn it on and off, regulate brightness, change colors, choose light modes (flashing, pulsing, rainbow, etc.). Another way to control the light is just like with a traditional candle: simply blow on it to turn the candle off (you can even turn it on by blowing on it). When you put it upside down, the candle light can also serve as a shining candle holder for real candles.

The smart candle comes with a built-in lavender scent chip —so, in addition to a relaxing light, you will also be able to enjoy a nice aroma. Naturally, one of the main advantages of smart LED candle over a traditional one is safety. You can easily leave PLAYBULB unattended as well as leave it on for lengthy periods of time.

Star Wars Darth Vader Shape 3D LED Lamp, $6.99 (22% off)

3D lighting is the latest novelty in smart home lights. These creative lamps consist of a base and an acrylic plate which create the effect of "shapy" lighting, which can take on any image. 3D lights can be used in a variety of settings. They do great as night lights for a child’s bedroom — just choose your child’s favorite cartoon or book character. They serve as great decorations at theme parties or simply as creative sources of light for any area in your home.

This Star Wars Darth Vader Shape 3D LED Lamp can be easily powered via a USB cable and features an economically low energy consumption. You will have 7 different color modes to choose from – switch between them by simply tapping the base of the lamp.

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