Celebrate Earth Day with these 4 easy planet-saving actions

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Celebrated every year on April 22, Earth Day marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. Numerous events take place on this day to draw the public's attention to the most pressing problems facing our planet — and the best ways to solve them.

In this post, we take a quick look at some small but efficient little ways in which each and everyone of us can join the movement.

Travel green with the Ninebot One C + Unicycle

There is no shortage of ways to get around these days —but when you get behind the wheel or hop into a bus, you are making a choice — and some choices are more Earth-friendly than others. Using transportation that produces less carbon emissions has a positive effect on a variety of factors from air quality all the way to global warming. The great thing is that modern-day rideables are not only equipped for helping the planet but also for ensuring a truly comfortable ride. Take a look at the Ninebot One C + Unicycle. 

The Ninebot One C is a classic single wheel unicycle that will make your daily commute not only convenient but also stylish. Instead of being stuck in traffic every morning or getting pushed around on public transportation, you will get to feel the wind in your hair and experience the thrill of riding a unicycle.


The Ninebot One C + Unicycle
$417 $369.99    


Safety first. The Ninebot One C features a powerful 450W  brushless motor that lets it safely speed up to 20km/h and the unicycle's frame is made of strong magnesium alloy that can handle the weight load of up to 100 kilos.

Sure, as this is a unicycle, it might take you a bit of time to learn to balance yourself and get a grip of all the controls — but even this learning curve is a fun process — and it's for a great cause.

Save water with the water-saving shower

Water shortage is one of the most pressing problems facing the Earth today. And as much as all of us love the long hot shower after a tiresome day at work,  a very small change in your habits can make a big difference over time for the whole planet. Once again, the best thing about it is that modern technology makes these things incredibly easy. Take a look at this water-saving shower head, for instance.


Handheld Water-saving Bath Shower Head for Bathroom - COLORMIX
$7.28 $6.99    


Thanks to the special design resulting in better water pressure, it can help you save water without making your shower time any less pleasurable. The shower head is made of stainless steel and ABS plastic absolutely safe to use and durable. You will see one button on the shower head — it lets you switch between different pressure modes with just a press. Last but not least, the shower head is simply really nice to look at — it would make a great addition to any bathroom interior.

Save electricity with the Xiaomi Mijia Sensor Night Light

One of the aspect of green living most of us already pay attention to is saving electricity.  We teach ourselves to turn off the lights every time we leave the room and keep our eyes open for excessive consumption — and avoiding huge electricity bills at the end of the month is one of the reasons we do it.

Turning lights off when they're not in use is one and very efficient way of dealing with over consumption. Other ways include using energy efficient equipment and devices at home (low-voltage home appliances, solar charging gadgets, etc) and using electric sockets with built-in energy consumption indicators, such as Original Xiaomi Mi Home Smart WiFi Socket, Watt Electricity Usage Monitor Socket.


Xiaomi Mijia Sensor Night Light - WHITE
$14.99 $10.99    


The Xiaomi Mijia Sensor Night Light features extremely low power consumption and can be powered by just three standard AA batteries. You can choose between two lighting modes: the 0.7Lm will last over 12 months on one battery set and the brighter 3.8Lm will last for about 6 months.

The night light itself is made of environmental-friendly ABS material and high-density polyethylene — and this means it is perfectly suitable for use in any room at your house including a child's room.

End plastic pollution with reusable mugs and shopping bags

Our society is often labeled as a throw-away one. This means that we have so many things at our disposal that it's sometimes simply easier to throw away a cup or dish than to wash one or pick up a free grocery bag at the supermarket rather than bring your own. These small and seemingly harmless acts build up to a very serious problem — plastic pollution. It is estimated that by 2050, our oceans will contain more plastic than fish by weight — and that's scary picture. This is why we want to take a minute of your time to introduce you to these two simple but very useful gadgets.

The first one is a portable intelligent thermal water bottle — bring one along to the office or have it on you when traveling. This smart cup will not only rid you of the necessity to use disposable plastic cups but also make it much easier to stay hydrated throughout the day. It features an intelligent water temperature sensor and an energy-saving OLED display to make sure your drinks are just the way you want them — in brief, it beats that throw-away plastic cup hands down.


Portable Intelligent Thermal Vacuum Water Bottle
$66.01 $36.99    


Once you get a better cup, get a better shopping bag too. Trade in the faceless disposable grocery bag for this bright lightweight foldable shopping bag that will be a small but much needed step towards making our planet safer.

Bottom line

An easy green action will make a big difference on our earth. Let's do it from having a green travel,using a water-saving shower head, lighting with the low-power consumption lamp and reducing the use of disposable plastic bags. And that's may be the best gift we prepared for the upcoming Earth Day. 

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