Eerie lighting solutions for prepping your home for Halloween

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Halloween is creeping up around the corner and it's high time to work on your home's eerie looks to spook the whole neighborhood. In this post, we take a look at some very affordable and highly effective Halloween lighting solutions for your home.

Indoor Halloween lights

Let's start from the inside and see how you can easily create that spooky feeling in your home's interior. There are plenty of indoor lighting options right here on GearBest to temporarily turn your home into a true ghost castle.  Kick off with the classic Jack-O'-Lantern color changing night light (only $19.36). The LED light comes with an LED remote controller and you will have 9 colors to choose from. Looking for something edgier? Consider the Halloween dragon skull night light — color changing and remotely controlled.

Indoor Halloween lights

Light strips are another fun option to impress your party guests. Check out this 2M 20 LEDs Eyeball Halloween String Light: the flexible wire lets you easily wrap the string around any furniture and the 20 mini LED lights with 3500K color temperature offer just the right ghostly effect. If the eyeballs are a bit too much for your home decor, take a look at the more "traditional" light strip like this 16pcs Jack-O'-Lantern LED light string.

Indoor Halloween lights impress guest

Outdoor Halloween Lights

There are plenty of ways to decorate your house or apartment from the outside. First, you can use the same LED light strings you typically use for Christmas: it would be a good idea, though, to set the colors to something eerie like light blues and greens or the signature Halloween yellow or orange.

Outdoor Halloween Lights

It's always fun to decorate the entrance to your home or apartment for visiting trick-or-treaters. A simple LED lantern will add an interesting edge to your home and show that you are are looking forward to welcoming guests. Check out this bright LED Jack-O'-Lantern for just $3.42 or the Screaming Bat colorful LED lantern for $6.61. Want something more original at your doorstep? How about this glowing party invitation to really stand out among neighbors?

bright LED Jack-O'-Lantern

Halloween LED accessories

When the inside and outside of your home are all prepped for Halloween, how about decorating yourself? These cool LED accessories can make you the star of any Halloween party. First, we have the flashing LED shutter glasses (yep, just like P. Diddy was wearing in one of his music videos). The glasses are a great way to complete your party look and can work in three modes: quick flash, slow flash and steady on. Or, try on these XHL-B-WI Full Finger LED Gloves for size — glowing in all the colors of the rainbow, they will surely make you hard to ignore at a Halloween party.

LED shutter glasses and LED Gloves

Last but not least, you are sure to impress your party guests on the dance floor with these cool LED rings. Just move your hands in the air and see the creative light patterns unfold before your eyes.

LED rings

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