Fingerlings: interactive baby monkey - the hottest toy of the season

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Monkey fingerlings, a new creative finger toy, have taken up the toy world by storm, sweeping the globe. You may be curious: what is the fingerling? How to play with it? And where to get one? This post will satisfy all your curiosity.

What is a Fingerling?

Fingerlings are a set of 6 colorful monkeys that can attach to your finger and perform over 50 kinds of animations. With the built-in special sensors, the monkeys can respond to touch, motion, sound in cute different ways: blinking eyes, singing when you clap, shaking their heads, making fun noises, blowing a kiss and more.

Fingerling monkeys

Made of high quality ABS, the monkeys are absolutely safe to play with, eco-friendly, durable and lightweight. You can take them anywhere and they are are said to have the same de-stressing and anti-anxiety effect as last season's bestseller — the fidget spinner.

Fingerlings are fun toys for both kids and adults, and really simple too.

Fingerling monkeys for kids

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How to play with a Fingerling?

Equipped with a special set of sensors, the toys respond to touch and other interactions, which you can use to make it perform specific actions:

Blow the baby monkey a kiss towards its face and it will blow a kiss back. It never stints its love to the one who is playing with him.

Blow the fingerling monkey a kiss

Pet your monkey’s head gently, the monkey will show you love by fun sound and eye blinks. It teaches kids about love and giving. Only a little love can make a happy day.

Pet your monkey's head gently

Tap the sensors on top of the monkey’s head once or twice on either side, you will trigger many different reactions. Tap it for 2s, a silly surprise will be waiting for you.(Burp!)

Tap the sensors on top of the monkey's head for 2s

Hang the monkey upside down on your finger or other places, and it will sway from side to side. We know hanging by their tails is the favorite action of monkeys. It will begin to monkey around once you make it upside down.

Hang the monkey upside down

Clap your hands once or twice, the monkey will get excited and shake their head, even it begins to talk in monkey babbles and sing.

Fingerling monkeys shake their heads

Cradle the monkey gently in your hands, you will get the baby monkey off to sleep. After a whole day’s play, the baby monkeys need to nap a while. While sleeping, it may make some funny snoring sound.

Additional, except attaching to your finger, these Fingerlings can easily find their place in a pen, plant, computer, book or even your straw, spoon, etc.

attach fingerling monkey to pen attach fingerling monkey on straw attach fingerling monkey on spoon attach fingerling monkey on bag

And much more surprises waiting for you to discover!

Where to get a Fingerling?

Fingerlings are already on sale and flying off the shelves in a number of online marketplaces — as well as right here on GearBest. You have 6 cool colors to choose from: the exotic Tutti Frutti, the classic White, the stylish Black, the tender Light Green, the cool Blue Boris, or the playful Purple.

fingerling monkeys with 6 cool colors

You can get a Fingerling on GearBest for just $10.66 — and if you act now while all of them are in stock, you can even get the whole collection at a very good deal! Hurry up to get a piece of fun at hand.


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