Gearbest New Year Guide: Laptops vs Graphics Tablets

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Staying at home makes sense, so let’s see what we can buy for ourselves or as a gift for others: a versatile laptop or an advanced Graphics Tablet? How about both! We take a closer look at two of our favorites.

1. Livefan S1 Windows 10 Ultrabook

First impressions definitely last. This is a high impact premium design - featuring an ultra-thin 5.8mm titanium steel stamping process. We're confident that you will experience a similar wow factor when you first set your eyes on this impressive ultrabook.

Let's talk specs because they certainly impressed us at Gearbest:

  ● 13.3 inch 2K (2560 x 1440) resolution matte screen coupled with great viewing angles due to IPS technology.

  ● 1.15kg (2.54lb) weight with only 5.8mm thickness, very slim but solid and durable.

  ● 4800mAh large capacity battery supports 6 hours video playing time and fast charging.

  ● Aviation-grade aluminum alloy unibody, the overall fit and finish is great.

  ● Diamond cutting process and smooth matte finish for premium quality.

This is, in our humble option, an ultrabook in the truest sense of the word.

Of course, beauty is not just skin-deep, the internal hardware is also excellent:

  ● Intel core 5Y10C dual core processor

  ● Intel HD 5300

  ● 8GB LPDDR3

  ● 256GB SSD

  ● 4800mAh battery

  ● Dual-band network

  ● USB Type C

The reason why I recommend Livefan S1

The Livefan S1 is incredibly versatile with enough horsepower to run as your daily driver. With its strong hardware, premium design, and practicality - all at an attractive price - it gets two thumbs up from Gearbest.

2. UGEE UG - 2150 P50S Pen Digital Painting Graphic Tablet

  ● 21.5 inches IPS active area with 5080LPI. Perfect for common drawing, professional and technical design users.

  ● Silkscreen pressure sensitive film for realistic touch experience.

  ● Its surface utilizes a unique hardening process, for enhanced heat, wear, and corrosion resistance.

  ● The included stylus pen mimics sensitivity and control of traditional art tools (2048 sensitivity) and utilizes built-in 2.4 (60mAh) li-ion battery.

  ● Compatible: Windows XP or above / Mac OS 10.2.6 or above.

  ● The tablet connects to your computer via USB.

The 21.5" graphics tablet adopts a new mirror design with a smooth and graceful 5080 LPI Resolution LPS screen. What was most noticeable were the brightness and contrast, and intense sense of depth for a solid visual experience.

The UG-2150 makes use of electromagnetic pressure sensitivity technology, stated to be 2048 levels. Testing this, lines did show fine gradations based on pressure application, so we can confirm that artists in particular would appreciate the ability to control line thickness and density.

Looking at other applications, this UG-2150 professional graphic tablet would be especially suited to multimedia teaching. It works on (roughly) the same principle as a stick of chalk after all, with much greater flexibility in terms of educational possibilities.

Digital information, specifically the ability to edit it, means that it becomes a flexible and intuitive teaching tool, expanding the usage scenarios considerably.

The reason why I recommend the UG - 2150

Wide writing area, higher resolution, fast input recognition speed, incredibly convenient to write, high quality build, and incredibly versatile usage possibilities.

For those who require a smaller sized graphics tablet, I can recommend UGEE's younger sibling, the UGEE UG - 1910B P50S Pen Digital Painting Graphic Tablet.

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