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When you hear the name Haier, you will probably first think of a washing machine or an air conditioner. Yes, when it comes to quality domestic appliances, Haier is a brand that needs no introduction. However, the company's product range extends far beyond the familiar domestic products. Read on to learn more about Haier's less known bestsellers.

Haier appliances

Brief introduction of Haier brand

Haier, one of the top 500 enterprises, is a Chinese multinational consumer electronics and home appliances company headquartered in Qingdao, Shandong Province in 1984. It has been providing customers with high quality products for over 30 years. The company's home products like washing machines, refrigerators, etc. have gained wide popularity around the world and the brand has established itself as the brand providing high-tech good quality equipment and efficient after-sales service.

Haier brand introduction

Other than the well-known appliances, Haier has a wide range of other products worthy of notice. Interested? Look the following five carefully selected Haier bestsellers on GearBest.

Haier S410-N2940 Laptop

The Haier S410-N2940 is marketed as a cost-effective laptop and you can get it on GearBest for just $376.18.

Haier S410-N2940 Laptop

The Haier S410-N2940 laptop features a 14 inch (1366 x 768 resolution) TN screen and a very thin body (23mm)- it is a really portable and stylish assistant for your study and work. The laptop's body adopts metal wire-drawing making it anti-scratch and quick to cool down.

Moreover, the Intel Celeron N2940 1.83 GHz (up to 2.25GHz) quad core CPU ensures a strong performance and plenty of power for multitasking, casual games and movies. With 4GB RAM (up to 8GB) and 500GB HDD, you will work, study or play freely and efficiently. The integrated HD graphics, showing better and faster performance than previous generation, can meet both home entertainment and business needs.

Haier Iron Smart Watch

Under the simple and stylish appearance is a full-featured Hair Iron Smart Watch.

Haier Iron Smart Watch

With a 240 x 240 resolution IPS screen and 2.5D durable and anti-scratch Gorilla glass, you will enjoy a quality display with quick responsiveness and strong protection.

The soft silicone band will gently embrace your wrist and give you the utmost wearing comfort.

The mini gadget is nothing sort of a combination of smart phone and a fitness wristband. It comes with a heart rate monitor, pedometer, sleep monitoring, dialing, SMS, call log, etc. Together with a 0.3MP front camera and remote camera function powered by the 320mAh super capacity battery (300 hours standby time), the smart watch ranks high in both functionality and convenience.

Haier Iron Sport Watch

Worried about compatibility with your iPhone? Don't worry. The built-in MTK2502C chip is compatible with all IOS systems.

Haier iSee Mini Projector

Looking for a portable and easy-to-use projector? Haier iSee Mini Projector may be a good choice.

Haier iSee Mini Projector

The first thing of note is the projector's cool round design - no bigger than an apple. The rotated 360-degree angle free projection will offer you a more complete picture whether you are sitting down or lying down.

Haier iSee Mini Projector for family

The built-in MStar A9 quad-core CPU with quad-core GPU makes it work more efficiently and fast, so you can enjoy smooth online video playback. It is running Android 4.2 operating system and is compatible with the vast majority of Android Apps. Get ready to play thousands of Android games on a large screen.

With a DLP display with the brightness of 80 ANSI lumens, coupled with the dual speaker, you get a a true-to-life watching experience.

What's more, the mini projector comes with multiple connection options: wireless Bluetooth connection, USB ports, TF card and 3.5mm audio and the projector can be easily connected to a variety of other gadgets.

Smart Constant Temperature Milk Modulator for Infant Babies

The smart milk temperature modulator is the perfect gift for new mothers and their babies.

Smart Constant Temperature Milk Modulator for Infant Babies

Made from food-grade PP material, the smat milk modulator can provide the ideal temperature (from 0 to 9 degrees Celsius) in less than 5 minutes. It is suitable for different types of milk powders and mixes the the milk perfectly without air bubbles. The gadget can also make sure you are using the cleanest possible water for your child's food. Simply press the “Remove chloride” button and the water will be purified quickly.

What's more, the real-time temperature display and German designed program control make it easy and convenient to use. There are other more intimate details like anti dry and seamless design for an even better user experience.

Smart Constant Temperature Milk Modulator functions

Since the temperature can be adjusted according to your needs, you can also use the water to brew tea or coffee or make other drinks quickly and easily.

Haier BH8268 Coffee Maker

Want to enjoy Starbucks-type lattes in the comfort of your own home but don't want to go through the trouble of brewing and boiling? No worries - the Haier BH8268 is your pesonal professional barista.

Haier BH8268 Coffee Maker

It looks very simple and elegant, right? A really perfect combination of stainless steel body and SiO2 heat-resistant glass cup. Whether it is coffee beans or ground coffee, it will become a cup of fresh flavorful brew in an instant. The coffee maker can make as many as 4 cups of hot coffee at once and keep them warm for up to 30 minutes.

Coffee made by Haier BH8268 Coffee Machine

This coffee maker is not only easy to operate but very safe to use. The thermal control overheat protection will make sure the coffee maker serves you long and well. The separate grinder basket and filter make the device super easy to clean.

With exquisite workmanship and easy operation, it's really an ideal appliance for all coffee lovers.

Bottom line

With this post we wanted to show you that Haier's product range extends far beyond the popular house appliances - and you are sure to find something to your liking on GearBest from your favorite brand.


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