Pimp your ride with these 5 cool car accessories

BySophia Windsor 2017-09-21 6801

Today, we take a close look at some of the most practical driving accessories you can buy on GearBest and make your each and every drive safer and more relaxing.

Smart Car Charger Bluetooth Headset

Phone running out of battery? Car smelling questionable? Can't pick up a call?

Luckily, now there is a gadget that can handle all of these troubles - Smart Car Charger.

Smart Car Charger Bluetooth Headset

This Smart Car Charger is also a Bluetooth headset and an air purifier — plus, it's a cool looking accessory for your vehicle.

multifunctional car charger

The magnetic suction design makes its hat mount on the head automatically. Besides, the charger comes with a real-time voltage detection for your car battery — so you won't have to worry about your car stopping abruptly because of the lack of juice. Thanks to its new intelligent connection and easy attachment, answering your phone in the car will be easy and safe.

charger comes with a real-time voltage detection

This Smart Car Charger Bluetooth Headset can be widely applied in a variety of car models with 12V - 24V, such as passenger car, SUV, pickup truck, etc. Get one right now, and enjoy a comfortable ride.

Dual 360 Degree Rotating Car Phone Stand

If you need to use your phone as a GPS navigator but can't find where to place your phone, then you will really appreciate the convenience of the Dual 360 Degree Rotating Car Phone Stand.

Dual 360 Degree Rotating Car Phone Stand

Just attach the phone stand onto your car air conditioner. Then, you can conveniently enjoy hands free calls and easy navigation. The double 360 degree three-dimensional rotation, anti-vibration and anti-skid design will enhance your experience and keep your phone safe.

double 360 degree rotation phone holder

Made from ABS material, it's a really solid gadget. This phone stand (with adjustable width of 5.8 - 8.8 cm) can clip 3.5 - 5.5 inch size mobile phones, navigators, MP3, MP4 and other electronic products. I do believe your driving will be safer and more relaxing with this phone stand in your car.

adjustable phone stand

Creative Car Phone GPS Projector HUD Holder

You have to see it to believe it! You can now have a projected screen in your car. That's the power of the Car Phone GPS Projector HUD Holder. With this projector, the navigation information will easily and clearly come into your sight through the HUD screen.

Car Phone GPS Projector

The HUD adopts special and high-quality glass which brings you transparent view and high definition display. Then, the driving becomes safer and more convenient, since you don't have to be distracted by looking down at your phone.

Creative Car Phone GPS Projector

Apart from navigation, the live-time traffic information on your navigation app will be also projected on HUD screen, so it can save you much time on the way.

What's more, using the GPS projector can help you significantly reduce your phone's power consumption — you get to save up to 70% of power.

Car Phone GPS Projector HUD Holder

Car Back Seat Cover Travel Bed Inflatable Mattress

After a long time on the road or when stuck in traffic, all most of us wish for is a nice warm bed to relax in. Now, with the inflatable matress, this dream is just about to come true.

Now, your dream is coming true thanks to the Inflatable Mattress.

Car Back Seat Cover Travel Bed

The inflatable and elastic cushion can greatly reduce the vibration and jolt during driving. And the internal flow can effectively insulate you from the vehicle noise of the car bottom, so you will enjoy your sleeping in a quiet environment.

The mattress is made from high-grade imported oxford fabric material which is friction resisted, moisture-proof and shock resistant. More importantly, it's portable and easy to install and fold. When you don't use it, you can open the bleeder valve and let the air out. It just takes 3 minutes to fold and unfold the air cushion.

oxford fabric material car back seat travel bed

This portable cushion can be not only used in your car, but also outdoors. It's a good idea to take when you go on a picnic, traveling or camping.

travel bed for camping

Compact and easy-to-use, the inflatable mattress is a simple and practical accessory to have in your car.

Motorbike Baseball Style Anti-UV Helmet

A good sturdy helmet is a must-have for any motorcyclist. And here's why the Motorbike Baseball Style Anti-UV Helmet is a good choice.

Motorbike Baseball Style Anti-UV Helmet

At first sight, it may look like an ordinary baseball hat — but it is, in fact, a very sturdy motorbike helmet.

baseball hat

The best part is that you get to avoid the goofy helmet look while keeping you head protected in case of an unfortunate accident. The adjustable strap is easy to re-fit to your needs and keep the helmet in place.

sturdy motorbike helmet

Moreover, this helmet features anti-UV function and camouflage color, keeping your head and face safe from the sun. The helmet weighs just 0.372kg, which is lighter than most models and is now patiently waiting for you at GearBest

Bottom line

Have you found an accessory to your liking? If you want to keep looking, you can find more fun and practical car accessories in Automobiles & Motorcycle category on Gearbest.


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