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We live in a world where portability is everything. This is why most of us have given up on lugging around a heavy DSLR in favor of the simpler camera our smartphone can offer. Quelima mini action cameras have taken this a step further: fitting into the palm of a hand, they let us take the best action shots and videos with a quick press of a button.

What is Quelima mini camera?

Quelima mini cameras are some of the latest gadgets in the range of mini cameras. What sets them apart from most other action camera models on the market is the size. That’s right, these mini cams are so small that you can hold them between your fingers. Measuring just 2.2 x 2.2 cm (0.87 x 0.87 inches), the cameras are incredibly lightweight — under 20 grams. This makes them an incredibly convenient option for travelling, nature watching and action sports — as well as for use as a car DVR.

Let's go through some of the mini cameras’ common main features.


Most Quelima camera models will allow you to record in HD resolution — and you may naturally ask where all the data will be stored.

H.264 photography compression

Quelima mini cameras come with a specialized H.264 photography compression technology that lets them efficiently compress and store large pictures and videos without compromising the quality.

Loop-cycle recording

Loop-cycle recording is another storage-saving feature. The principle is simple: the camera records continuously and, if the memory card  becomes full, will save the new material over the oldest material previously stored on the camera. Thus, even a 32GB memory card will be enough for efficient storage.

Motion detection

The camera is able to detect movement and you can set motion detection as a trigger for starting video recording.

Night vision

Built-in IR LEDs increase night vision effect,  thus you can capture more details and present high definition images in wider range during the night or dark environment.

How to use a Quelima mini camera?

There is more than one model of Quelima mini cameras — but what they all have in common (in addition to their miniature size) is the ease of operation. Now, let’s run through the basic operation.

Turn on the camera & 720P recording

Press the On/Off button — you will see a blue LED light go on — and the camera will go in 720P video recording standby mode. To start recording in 720P, press the On/Off button again— you will see the blue light flash 3 times before going out. To stop recording, press the On/Off button again. Note that videos will be saved every 5 minutes.

1080P recording

If you want to record in 1080P quality, press the On/Off button to turn the camera on. Press the Mode button once to go into the 1080P video capturing mode — you will see both the red and blue lights go on automatically to signify that the camera is in standby mode. To start recording in 1080P, press the On/Off button again — the blue light will disappear and the red light will flash three times before going out. To stop recording, press the On/Off button again. Note that videos will be saved every 5 minutes.

Motion detection video recording

Video recording can also be triggered by motion. To enable this feature, while the camera is in standby mode, press and hold the Mode button for about 3 seconds — now, the camera has entered the motion sensor recording mode: when motion is detected (within 5-10 or 2-3 meters depending on the camera model) the recording will start automatically and the videos will be saved every 5 minutes.

Photo shooting

If you want to take a photo with the Quelima mini camera, first press the On/Off button to turn the camera on — the blue LED light will go on. Press the Mode button two times to go into standby Photo Mode — you will see the red LED light stay on. To take a picture, press the On/Off button once — the red light will flash once indicating that the photo has been taken.

Night time recording

If you want to record at night, you will first need to enable the camera’s night time flash. In order to do this, press and hold the On/Off button for 2 seconds — the red LED light will flash twice and the camera’s night light will go on. To turn it off, press and hold the On/Off button again for 2 seconds — the red LED light will blink three times before going off.

Connect the camera with computer

To view the recorded media, you will need to first connect the camcorder to your laptop or PC. Once the cam is connected, your computer should detect it automatically as a removable disk. The blue light on the camera will light up indicating that the transfer of information has begun. The red light on the camera will serve as indication that the camera is charging.

Date / time setting

To set the date and time, you will also need to connect the camera to your computer. Then, create a text (txt) file in the camera’s root directory with the following information:

«YYYYMMDDHHMMSS» «Y» (if you want the date and time stamp to be displayed on the video files) or «N» (if you do not want the date and time displayed).

Save the file, disconnect the camera and turn it on.

Turn the camera off

When you want to turn the camera off, press and hold the On/Off button for 6 seconds. Note that when not in use in standby mode for more than minute, the camera will turn off automatically.

3 best Quelima mini cameras on GearBest

Quelima SQ11 mini camera 1080P DVR - $10.59 (29% off)

The Quelima SQ11 mini camera DVR is a classic. This colorful mini cam is capable of 1080P recording and comes with a wide angle 120 degree FOV. Night vision will let you capture clear imagery in any lighting conditions and video recording can be set to be triggered by a motion sensor, capable of detecting motion within 5-10 meters. The mini cam supports a 32GB SD card but is capable of storing high-quality media efficiently thanks to the H.264 compression.

Quelima R3 WiFi mini camera 1080P DVR - $19.99 (23% off)

The Quelima R3 WiFi mini camera is a 1080P full HD camera featuring a 120-degree FOV, 8 LED lights for clear night vision, H.264 compression for efficient storage, loop-cycle recording and a 450mAh Li-ion battery. The main feature of note in this model is WiFi support — with it, you will be able to watch the recordings in real-time and control the DVR remotely.

Quelima SQ12 mini camera 1080P DVR - $16.99 (4% off)

Last but not least we have the Quelima SQ12 mini 1080P FHD DVR. The mini cam comes with a 155 degree FOV, 2 IR LEDs and motion detection within a slightly shorter range than previous models: 2-3 meters.


Quelima mini cameras are simple, practical and efficient gadgets for quick video capture. They work particularly well as DVRs thanks to their incredibly compact size and specific functionality — but feel free to get creative. The tiny cameras can be indispensable helpers in nature watching projects, action videography, security devices and do a great job as a dash cam on your next road trip.

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