Thanksgiving Day | 5 amazing pet gift ideas for your lovely pets

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Pets are always there for us: they greet us when we get home, are happy to keep us company and are jumping sparks of joy even in the toughest moments. Show your appreciation for your dog or cat — discover 5 amazing pet gifts that will keep your animals happy and safe in the coming Thanksgiving Day. From exciting cat teaser to cool get-ups and pet carriers, this list has it all.

Pet costume: Lion Mane for Dog - $10.59

Halloween may be over — but the fun doesn’t have to be. Want to pimp up your pet at Thanksgiving Day? Then, make them look like a lion with one simple accessory — a faux lion mane.

With this wild get-up, your cat or dog is sure to become the next YouTube star or, at least, the talk of the neighbourhood. The mane is made of durable and washable plush material and is suitable for both large and medium-sized pets. It’s super easy to put on and take off and, most importantly, won’t cause your pet any discomfort.

Dog clothes: Waterproof Hooded Dog Raincoat - $14.45

All dog owners know that a walk is a must, whatever the weather. And no matter how much you want to sleep in under the covers on a rainy day, your dog will not be having any of it. When it’s time to go out — it’s time to go out.

Keep your pet comfortable and safe in all types of weather with the waterproof hooded raincoat. This highly practical piece of clothing is not just for show — it will keep your dog dry and warm through the worst of weather conditions and you will be able to enjoy the walk in full without chasing your dog as they race for cover.

Pet crate: Breathable Pet Car Seat Box - $11.50

Traveling is great — and it’s even better when your pets can keep you company on the road. Make sure your cat or dog are safe on the trip with this universal breathable pet car seat. Your pet will feel comfy in the soft padded car seat made of wear and tear-resistant Oxford fabric that is also easy to clean. There is plenty of space in the car seat for your pet to move around freely, while keeping your pet securely settles even through rough turns or bumpy rides. When your pet is not in the car, the box would do great as a storage place for breakable goods.

Dog carrier: Soft Mesh Single Shoulder Bag - $28.25

When traveling for short distances, opt for this cozy soft mesh pet carrier, which will make your pet’s commute comfy for both of you. The best thing about this over-the-shoulder bag is that it lets you carry your pets hands-free and, thanks to the convenient collar clip, your pet will be nestled securely inside the bag with plenty of space inside to stretch, turn and sleep. Thanks to the adjustable straps, the bag is suitable for various small and mid-sized dog breeds.

Cat teaser: Cloth Cat Teaser Stick - $1.04

If your cat has been running aimlessly around, hanging on curtains, damaging property and disturbing your peace — it’s probably time to think about getting your beloved pet some entertainment. This cloth cat teaser stick will keep your cat busy, happy and well-exercised as well as provides a healthy outlet for your cat’s natural hunting instincts. This simple toy is a fun and scratch-free way to bond with your cat while keeping your furniture and breakables intact.

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