Throwing a Super Bowl party with 3 fun party accessories

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Super Bowl is just a bit over a week away and, if you are a fan of the event, you probably have most of the things ready for the big game. In this post, we’d like to throw in a few more ideas for your last minute preparations.

What is Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL) and the game is absolute culmination of the regular season — so all the fuss around the game is completely understandable. Every year, millions of football fans put all their work aside and get comfortable in front of their television sets. Super Bowl may not be a national holiday in the USA just yet — but it’s sure is that and more in the hearts of the loyal fans.

Super Bowl is the most watched single-day sporting event in the world: in 2016, for instance, the game was broadcast to over 170 countries and gathered an average of 112 million viewers.

This year's game is scheduled for February 4th — so make sure you have the day free, get your friends together and enjoy a day of unlimited sports fun on TV.

As promised, in this post, we introduce you to three small but very practical accessories that can help make your Super Bowl watching experience better — and even get into the game spirit!

Seahawks Helmet 3D Illusion LED Lamp - $14.55

If you are the one organizing a Super Bowl party at home, there is a lot of prep to be done and we are sure you are on top of it all. A large screen TV, powerful audio, comfy couch and armchairs, pennant flags, crunchy snacks and chilled booze — these are just the basics.

Then, there is the decor. And if you and your guests are Seahawks fans or just love sports memorabilia, we have something really cool for your upcoming party. This 3D Illusion LED Lamp is a fun accessory to sport at a Super Bowl party — or to just have around if you like football. What’s more, it would make a cool gift for Seahawks fan or sports enthusiast. Let’s take a closer look.

The lamp comes with 7 colors: red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, purple and the classic white — simply touch the lamp to switch between colors. Charging can be done quickly and easily with a micro USB and the bottom of the lamp features a practical anti-skid design, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally knocking it over.

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Rugby Player Design Wall Sticker - $4.59

If you don’t want to go all in on the decor, there are a few simple and very affordable things you can do to set the theme for your party.

Coming at under $5, these football-themed stickers will instantly make your TV room pop — and with no decorating hassle involved whatsoever. The stickers are long-lasting, durable, flexible, easy to attach and easy to detach — so don’t worry about causing any damage to your walls. You can stick them onto any smooth surface and remove them just as quickly. A fun idea would be to wait for your guests and arrange the stickers together into any patterns you like, so feel free to get creative. This could be a great pre-party activity to get everyone together and a fun thing to do during commercials.

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Men Outdoor Shoes for Football / Rugby - $38.45

When Super Bowl season sets in, the watching alone may not be enough. So, why not put your sports shoes on and celebrate the biggest sports event of the year with a friendly match with friends and neighbors?

These lightweight shoes are ideal for exercising outside and are specially designed with all the peculiarities of football and rugby in mind.

From the choice of the abrasive sole material for non-skid running on grass to the soft texture that guarantees a comfortable feel while reducing wear and tear, these high-quality sneakers will make a great addition to your sporting gear. Despite the practical design, the shoes can be worn on a variety of occasions: thanks to the classic colors - balck, blue, and white and subtle look, the shoes will go well with almost any casual outfit.

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Pimp out the Super Bowl Party

So, there you have it. Whether you are looking for a gadget to light up your TV room or a gift for a Seahawks fan, need some simple knick-knacks to spice up the decor or want to get into the game yourself and celebrate by throwing a football around in the backyard, we hope our few suggestions have eased up your search.


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