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JJRC is widely regarded as one of the best drone manufacturers currently active in the market. It prioritizes quality, ease of use, originality, and without a doubt long control range, which is the most sought drone spec among drone enthusiasts. With that in mind we have compiled a list of top 3 long range JJRC drones available on GearBest.

Fly Half a Kilometer (1640ft) - JJRC JJPRO X3 for $163.36

An entry level aerial photography drone with brushless motors, GPS module and a breathtaking maximum control range of 500 meters.

Max Control Range and Flight Time

JJRC JJPRO X3 is the perfect example of long range drone. This drone has an astonishing detailed control distance of 500 meters, goes way past eyesight, flying the distance of over 5 football fields! Flight time is also above average for drones within its price range, capable of staying in air for 15 to 18 minutes max.


Although the drone’s design is pretty much up to standard aesthetics, it does differ a bit from the regular looking quadcopter. In fact, JJRC JJPRO X3 design does resemble the renowned Hubsan H501S X4. It doesn’t have propeller guards, which would have been great since this quad is great for beginners, therefore it will provide that extra durability. However, the drone’s frame is made of ABS plastic, a strong and lightweight material.


JJRC JJPRO X3 comes equipped with a built-in 1080P full HD camera capable of recording videos and taking photos in great image quality. The 1080P camera records the photo and video files to a microSD card placed on the camera itself, and can also save on the smartphone via 5G WiFi. Another great camera feature of this drone is the capability of transmitting Live Video directly to the user’s smartphone screen via WiFi through a free to download app.

Quick note: Requires 802.11ac 5G WiFi to use app.


First of all, JJRC X3 uses four D1806 2300KV brushless motors, which are more powerful and durable than brushed motors. On top of this already uncommon feature, this amazing quadcopter comes with: Headless Mode, GPS Position Hold, Altitude Hold, Automatic Takeoff and Landing, Flight Telemetry on the remote screen (altitude, distance, battery power and satellite reception). Another very interesting feature present on this drone is the Geofence protection for beginners, if drone hits 300 meters range and 100 meters height it will automatically return to pilot (can be turned off).

300M Long Range & 5MP Camera - JJRC H26D for $65.59

If your top priorities when looking for a drone is long range and good image quality at a very affordable price, then this might just be the drone you’ve been seeking.

Max Control Range and Flight Time

As expected from a JJRC drone, JJRC H26D has an amazing long range, way above the average control range for same price drones. In fact, JJRC H26D is one of the cheapest drones on the market featuring a 300-meter (984ft) maximum latitude range. However, its flight time is a bit on the down side, only 6 to 7 minutes (this is due to the large size of the weight and gimbal’s weight).


H26D is a very large quadcopter (45 x 45 x 18cm) with a very robust design, capable of withstanding most crashes and hits. Comes with a nice landing gear and gimbal, as well as propellers guards to keep the quad unharmed. Besides this, it is a very standard looking quadcopter with a white and black design.


One of the best aspects of JJRC H26D is indeed the 5MP camera with a wide angle. Much better than most cameras from other toy drones within same price range. JJRC H26D is actually one of the most recommended cheap aerial video toy drones, also due to its stability, allowing good quality video (may have occasional 'jello effect'). Camera is placed on a gimbal which can be tilted so the drone can acquire different angles of view.


H26D comes with a basic set of features, including Headless Mode, with a new concept (it remembers the direction the quadcopter was pointed when headless mode is activated, even if already in flight). Other features are One-key return and the very common (always present in all drones) 360º aerial stunt and LED lights.


Great Value Quad with 300M Control Range - JJRC H12C for $58.39

An amazing drone package full of goodies that truly enhances the value of what is already a top of the line flier.

Max Control Range and Flight Time

JJRC H12C is no exception, with an outstanding 300-meter control range, it will fly past eyesight like no other toy drone. Flight time is within average, a decent 8 minutes.


JJRC H12C’s design is also very standard, the usual frame in orange, doesn’t stand out from any other drones in the market when it comes to look. But it does come with propellers guards and flexible fan blades to ensure it will resist crashes and hits, especially good since this quad is a good fit for beginners.


Record some interesting aerial footage with JJRC H12C and its 1080P 5MP camera. A decent camera for anyone looking for some simple recreational aerial photos and videos without investing too much money.


Considering JJRC H12C was released back in 2015, and it remains to this day one of JJRC’s best initial RC aircrafts, H12C still comes with a surprising set of features such as Headless Mode, One-key Return, and of course the usual 3D Eversion, 6-axis gyro and LED light for night flight.

Bottom Line

Admittedly, there is no single "best" drone — it is all up to what you’re looking for in the drones. Some simply search for the drones with best value for their money, while others intend to find a drone perfect for aerial photography. Whatever you need, we hope this post has helped to find the best long-range JJRC drone for you.

To recap it, we have summarized the 3 JJRC drones brieftly here.

Model Control Range Flight Time Camera Price
JJRC JJPRO X3 500m 15 - 18 mins 1080P
JJRC H26D 300m 6 - 7 mins 5MP with gimbal
JJRC H12C 300m 8 mins 5MP

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