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Top 5 Popular RC Toys for Kids

ByJulio Ventura 2018-09-03 621

Remote controlled toys are one of the most fun and entertaining gifts you can possibly give to a child. It’s fun for the whole family! Today we are listing some of the top 5 popular RC toys for kids.

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1. GS - XXD158 -A wonderful night flight,$15.99

Brighten up your nights by flying this awesome night drone with your kid. GS XXD158 has beautiful blue and green LED lights.

the design of GS XXD158  


Beautiful and shiny LED lights make XXD158 stand out from the rest. They allow the drone to be easily seen at night, so you can find it easier. Even without the LED lights on this quad is a wonder. It has a very futuristic design in black and red resembling a spacecraft.


Much like JJRC H64, XXD158 is also a simple toy, however this doesn,t mean it lacks features. In fact, it also has Headless Mode, Altitude Hold, One-Key Takeoff and Landing, and of course the fun 360º aerial spin. Everything you need to have fun!

altitude hold function of XXD158  


If you are a fan of great specs you will love this drone. It packs even better specifications then JJRC H64. In terms of flight time, it is capable of flying for 7 minutes, and for control distance, it goes as far as 40 meters! Great specs if we consider how affordable this little to.

2. JJRC H64 -Feature-rich drone for kids,$24.99

One of the safest drones for a kid to own. JJRC H64 comes with a 360º protective frame that ensures children can practice without damaging anything around them.

 the design of JJRC H64 


If you are looking to buy a drone to offer your kid but safety is a concern, worry not. Thanks to the ABS plastic 360º protective frame the drone won,t hurt anyone or break if it crashes. The design resembles a spider web in blue and red. Colors of our favorite super hero.


JJRC H64 is a simple toy, meant for kids to practice, therefore it wouldn,t be expected to include fancy features. However, indeed it does! These include, G-sensor Control, Headless Mode, Altitude Hold, One-Key Takeoff and Landing, and of course 360º flip with just the push of a button.

the fuctions of JJRC H64  


This toy drone has some interesting specs, nothing too fancy but ideal for children to practice. Powered by a 3.7V 220mAh battery, the drone only takes an average of 40 minutes to fully charge. Being able to stay in air up to 5 minutes. In terms of range, it can fly as far as 30 meters.

3. JJRC S4 Spectre -A waterproof boat with a built-in camera,$55.99

JJRC is one of the best manufacturers of RC toys and S4 Spectre is no exception. This waterproof boat can transmit live video directly to the pilot,s smartphone device. It is even compatible with AR goggles.

the design of JJRC S4 Spectre 


JJRC S4 is made to resemble a speed boat, one of the fastest boats on water. S4 has a length of 35.2cm and 9.2cm weight. Made to "fly" trough the water like no other. It comes in blue and yellow colors and it will surely stand out from the rest.


S4 isn,t just a regular boat. It packs some neat features that make it a lot more fun. For example, it has an on-board 720p camera capable of transmitting Live Video directly to the pilot,s smartphone device. If you are into FPV (First Person View) you will be glad to know that JJRC S4 is compatible with VR goggles (not included). On top of this, S4 is also waterproof and capable of capsize recovery.


Looking for an affordable fast RC boat? You got it! S4 can reach 25km per hour (15.5mph). Without a doubt one of the fastest RC boats currently available in the market. Furthermore, thanks to its 7.4V 600mAh battery, it has a maximum working time of 8 minutes. The camera also has its own battery, a 3.7V 500mAh with a working time of up to 2 hours. In terms of control distance, you will be surprised to know that this boat can go as far as 150 meters.

4. HUINA 1550 -Best RC excavator in the market,$45.99

A fun toy for children who are into construction equipment. Huina 1550 is a very solid and durable RC toy that has an independent knuckle, powerful stick, solid tank tread, and very large bucket.

the design of HUINA 1550 


Huina 1550 is a super realistic excavator. It has a maximum height of 45cm and a total length of 57cm. The cab also resembles a real one and it even has a built-in LED light and plays music. The tracks are thicker than most toy excavators.


Huina 1550 is not a decorating toy, it is a fully functioning excavator. Every joint moves freely and the cab can even rotate 680º and go up and down the simulator of the hydraulic cylinder. Each tread can be controlled independently, and the bucket can be moved up and down. The transmitter has 15 different buttons, and each is related to a different function.


The specs for Huina 1550 are pretty staggering, for such an affordable toy they sure rank above average. The maximum control time per battery charge is half an hour, taking around 120 minutes to complete a full charge. In terms of control distance, Huina can go as far as 100 meters before losing connection.

5. P810 1:18 Half Scale 4WD -Unleash the power of a monster truck,$24.99

Four big wheels and a lot of power. P810 is one of the most affordable toy monster trucks in the market. Either for racing or crushing its opponents, P810 has a maximum speed of 15km per hour!

the design of P810 1:18 Half Scale 4WD 


A beautiful monster truck in black and yellow, P810 is designed to withstand the toughest races and opponents. Its aluminum body ensures that the paint doesn,t wash off and the truck resists most crashes and hits. The 4 9cm giant wheels allow it to climb up to 25cm steps without no hassle. Designed to be a monster!

the great climbing performance of P810 1:18 Half Scale 4WD


This amazing monster truck has four independent suspension shock absorbers that stabilize the car and a 4WD driver system that makes the turn flexible. It is easy to control while remaining powerful and capable of surpassing obstacles. It will crush other monster trucks with ease.


Despite being so affordable, P810 still manages to have breathtaking specifications. In fact, you will be surprised with what it can do. Powered by a 3.7V 2200mAh powerful battery, this truck can run for 60 to 90 minutes while only taking 45 minutes to charge the battery! You can constantly have it on the run! In terms of speed, P810 reaches 15km per hour and has a max control range of 100 meters.

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