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Top 5 tablets for sale during the GearBest 11.11 shopping frenzy

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This years’ single’s day is the perfect time to spoil yourself with a new Tablet PC. With our upcoming grand 11.11 sale in mind, GearBest would like to introduce you to our 5 most popular tablet computers.


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Single's day is just around the corner! What originally started off in China as an entertaining festival during which young Chinese celebrate the fact that they are proud to be single, has turned into one of the world's largest shopping holidays. With grand sales events similar to the ones seen on Black Friday, people around the world treat themselves and loved ones to well-deserved presents.

When it comes to a single's day present, electronic gadgets such as tablet computers are by far the most popular. This is why, with the upcoming 11.11 sales in mind, we are thrilled to introduce you to our best tablet PC offers of this years' shopping frenzy. Whether you use them for school, work, or entertainment, these Tablet PCs are guaranteed to meet your demands. Keep on reading to find out what are this years' top 5 tablet computers for sale during the GearBest 11.11 shopping holiday.

1. Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 - $209.99

Xiaomi is known for their high-quality yet affordable electronic gadgets and their tablet PCs certainly are no exception. The Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 is a state of the art tablet PC that treats you to all the latest features. On its large 8-Inch display, it delivers breathtaking visuals in crisp FHD resolution. By supporting IPS technology, the display delivers vivid color and stunning details for you to enjoy while watching a movie or playing your favorite mobile games. Along with its ultra-sleek and lightweight design, the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 can be carried around effortlessly anywhere you go.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 4

Underneath its large display, the Tablet PC packs the impressive Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 chipset. Along with 4GB of RAM and its MIUI 9 operating system, this processor lets you enjoy the latest games, watch FHD movies, and browse the web without ever experiencing any lag again. With 64GB internal storage, the tablet computer offers plenty of space to store all your files, media, and pictures; the latter of which can be snapped with its professional-grade 13MP rear camera. If you're looking for a powerful tablet PC that meets all your mobile demands, the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 is the perfect gadget for you.

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2. HUAWEI MediaPad M5 Android Tablet - $460.7

If you're looking for a powerful Android tablet PC suitable for work and entertainment, then search no further; the HUAWEI MediaPad M5 will be the perfect choice for you. With its Android 8.0 operating system, the tablet allows you to enjoy the latest software features without experiencing any delay. On its impressive 8.4-Inch display, the MediaPad M5 lets you enjoy all your favorite movies in a mouthwatering 2K resolution. IPS technology treats you to vivid color and stunning details, allowing you to enjoy a cinematic experience no matter where you're at.

HUAWEI MediaPad M5 Android Tablet

The MediaPad M5 packs a powerful Octa-Core processor that comes combined with a whopping 4GB of RAM. With all this power at your disposal, you never have to worry about a laggy user experience again while playing the most demanding Android games. The tablet PC treats you to 32GB internal storage and furthermore comes with a 256GB SD card slot to store all your media and files. Simply head out to the PlayStore and use your Dual-Band WiFi to download your favorite games and APPs in the blink of an eye. With the MediaPad M5 tablet PC at your side, you'll never experience a moment of boredom again.

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3. Teclast T20 4G Phablet - $200.99

Watch movies, play games, and take notes on an impressive 10.1-Inch 2K display. The Teclast T20 tablet PC treats you to a visual experience like no other. Its large-size display makes this Android tablet perfect for all the true mobile entertainment lovers among us. Along with its Android 7.0 OS, powerful Deca Core CPU, and 4GB DDR3L RAM; this little beauty packs all the power needed to tackle the latest software features. Whether you use it for playing games, watching movies, or browsing the web; the Teclast T20 tablet PC won't let you down.

Teclast T20 4G Phablet

This powerful tablet PC treats you to a whopping 64GB ROM along with a 128GB SD card slot. From now on, you'll have plenty of space to store files, media, and pictures. The tablet supports Bluetooth 4.0 and Dual-Band WiFi for ultra-fast connectivity. It furthermore comes with a built-in 13MP camera that lets you shoot breathtaking images and videos of all those special upcoming moments in life. Starting from today, you can be guaranteed that not a single special moment in life ever passes by uncaptured again.

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4. ALLDOCUBE X1 Phablet - $169.99

The ALLDOCUBE X1 Android phablet shows us that bigger does not always mean better. With its sleek and compact design, this 8-Inch Phablet lets you enjoy movies, games, and Apps on the go. The display itself supports a breathtaking 2K resolution. Thanks to this, you truly can enjoy a cinematic movie experience from the palm of your hand. Along with its impressive Helio X20 Deca-Core processor and 4GB RAM, not a single game, movie, or APP is too much to handle for this small tablet PC.


What sets this Android phablet apart from other cheap tablets is the fact that it features Dual-SIM support. This allows you to easily stay connected to your friends, even while you're traveling abroad. The built-in 13MP camera makes this tablet computer perfect for the photography lovers among us. Along with 64GB ROM and 128GB external storage support, there will always be plenty of space to keep your games, movies, pictures, and apps. With the ALLDOCUBE X1 phablet in your pocket, you'll stay connected and entertained no matter where you're at.

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5. Chuwi HI10 AIR Windows Tablet - $166.99

The Chuwi HI10 AIR is an affordable Windows Tablet that is perfect for work and study. This cost-efficient tablet runs on the latest Windows 10 operating system for a smooth and lag-free user experience. It comes equipped with a large 10.1-Inch display that lets you enjoy all your favorite media in crisp Full-HD resolution. Along with its Quad-Core processor and 4GB RAM, it is capable of tackling the latest software features available today.

Chuwi HI10 AIR Windows Tablet

The 8-Gen Intel GPU puts forth breathtaking graphics for you to enjoy. This, along with its large full-HD display, makes your tablet PC perfect for watching movies and playing games. With 64GB internal storage and a 128GB SD card slot at your disposal, you'll be treated to plenty of space to store files and media. This cost-efficient yet powerful tablet is the perfect tablet for those of you who wish to combine business and fun. Whether you use it to take notes, play games, or browse the web - the Chuwi HI10 Air Windows tablet is guaranteed to meet your demands.

So, how do you pick the right tablet PC for your personal needs? To answer this question, you first have to know for what purpose you'll be using your tablet. Those of you who are simply looking for a basic tablet computer that treats you to all basic features, the Chuwi HI10 AIR or ALLDOCUBE X1 Phablet will be a perfect pick. With their basic operating system and sufficient hardware, they are perfect for playing games, watching movies and taking notes.

If, however, you wish to take your mobile entertainment experience to the max: you might want to consider one of the other three options listed above. These tablets feature significantly more powerful hardware that lets you tackle the latest games, movies and APPs alike. Along with their stunning displays and powerful operating systems, these tablet computers are sure to meet all your needs. Take notes, play games, or watch films in stunning 2K resolution; with these powerful tablets from GearBest at your side, you'll never experience a moment of boredom again! 


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