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Xiaomi Dafang vs. Xiaomi Xiaofang: what’s the differences?

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The Xiaomi Dafang IP camera is the successor of the Xiaomi Xiaofang IP cam and continues the line of Xiaomi’s range of quality inexpensive IP cameras. The new model comes with a confident set of new features: better monitoring and tracking, a rotating gimbal, a variety of alarm sensors and more. In this post, we take a closer look at the key differences between the Xiaomi Xiaofang and Xiaomi Dafang.

Xiaomi Dafang vs. Xiaomi Xiaofang: design & appearance

The Xiaomi Xiaofang comes in the shape of a cube — which makes it stand out from the line of standard round IP cameras. The Xiaomi Dafang follows in the footsteps of its predecessor when it comes to design — but with a number of notable changes. The first thing that catches the eye is the camera's shape: it's rectangular. Unlike the Xiaomi Xiaofang, it does not sit on a folding bracket but a small rotating circular. The cam is rather big: it measures 13cm in length and 5.5cm in width. 

On the back, you will see a USB port, which can be used to charge other gadgets — for instance, another camera. On the rotating base, you will find a micro USB port for charging the camera itself. At the bottom, there is a slot for a micro SD card and a button for connecting the camera to Mi Home app.

Xiaomi Dafang vs. Xiaomi Xiaofang: features & performance

Both cameras are high-performance 1080P cameras, offering full HD footage and quality imagery. With the Xiaomi Xiaofang, you will be able to watch your videos in FHD at 10 frames per second and with Xiaomi Dafang there is an improvement of 15 frames per second in FHD.

With both cameras, you will be able to enjoy a wide angle view of your property: 110 degrees FOV for the Xiaomi Xiaofang and 120 degrees for the Xiaomi Dafang. Both devices offer two-way audio and come with a bunch of very useful sensors: motion, sound detection and so on.

Now, let's take a look at some of the key differences.

First, the Xiaomi Dafang comes with some major improvements in night vision. Compared to the Xiaomi Xiaofang, which comes with 2pcs of 850nm LEDs, the new improved Xiaomi Dafang sports six 940nm infrared LEDs, which results in a more advanced night time coverage and ultra clear vision.

Improved two-way audio: you will be able to hear what's happening on your property within 10 meters and also communicate with others within this distance thanks to the built-in microphone.

Some of the major improvements lie in the field of AI and remote control. For instance, the new IP cam comes with the function of Intelligent Detection: the camera's gimbal will automatically track and monitor your home and mark objects in the Green Frame. Motion, sound, smoke and CO detection are also included in the package and will send you a notification when any of the alarms are triggered. You will also be able to watch your videos in PIP Mode: the app allows you narrow the monitoring scene to a floating window and keep it handy on your phone while doing other tasks.

Xiaomi Dafang vs. Xiaomi Xiaofang: wrap up

Model Xiaomi Dafang Xiaomi Xiaofang
Video resolution 1080P FHD at 15 fps 1080P FHD at 10 fps
Night vision 6pcs 940nm infrared LEDs 2pcs of 850nm LEDs
FOV 120 degrees 110 degrees
Detection Motion, sound, smoke, CO sensors, intelligent detection Motion, sound, smoke, CO sensors
Remote control Mi Home App Mi Home App

Both cameras are very decent choices when it comes to home or office monitoring systems. With the Xiaomi Dafang, you have an upgraded set of features, improvements in video and image quality, better communication with other devices for enabling remote control and, arguably, a more modern and stylish design. Both cameras work efficiently with the Mi Home App and you will be easily able to control them remotely on your smartphone from outside your home. Taking into account the relatively small difference in price (you can get the Xiaomi Dafang on GearBest for $27.70), we suggest you try out the new functionality of the new camera. However, if you prefer a more classical design, the Xiaomi Xiaofang is also a great choice.

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