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Ever worry about your safety while slicing fruits? Now there's a safer, smarter and faster way.

Zanmini Melon Slicer - Unclutter your life

Is it always annoying when you want to slice your fruit and vegetable? Don’t worry! Here we have zanmini melon slicer to help you core and slice fruit and vegetable in seconds.

Let's get scoop on this convenient household gadget!

A Stunning Design

The zanmini melon slicer comes in a bow shape design, allowing you to create a fruit platter with minimal effort. The non-slip handles help you to stay on point, providing additional protection and extra security.

Zanmini melon slicer Stunning Design

With 12 food-grade blades at 1mm thickness each, enjoy fruit that is perfectly and effortlessly cut into equal slices every time. The blades are made of SUS304 stainless steel, corrosion resistant and heat resistant and easy to clean.

Zanmini melon slicer blades

Safe Comes First

With a combination of ABS + PC, and certified 100% food-grade for kitchen use and maximum safety, the zanmini melon slicer offers a superb combination of toughness and impact resistance.

What's more, it's also dishwasher proof and has a lifetime guarantee.

Zanmini material

Whether you love watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapples, apples, vegetables, or even cakes, zanmini can handle all of them!

Zanmini usages

Slice in One Motion

Compared with an ordinary fruit knife, the zanmini melon slicer saves time undoubtedly; it's effortless to use – literally foolproof thanks to its smart design. You can cut in one motion with 12 perfect slices.

It's time to leave your knife in the drawer and try zanmini!

advantages of Zanmini melon slicer

Become a master chef

Imagine guests, friends and relatives enjoying your perfectly sliced fruits, vegetables, or cakes. With presentation quality to rival any 5 star hotel, be the envy of everyone!

enjoying your perfectly sliced fruits

Take your food prep to the next level and click the links – take your zanmini slicer home today!


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