EKEN H9 Firmware Pack

ByZim Watson 2017-02-10 21751

Some of the problems you may be experiencing with your EKEN H9 Ultra HD 4K action camera can be solved with a simple firmware update. Here’s how you can you can flash the firmware on your EKEN H9 action cam.

EKEN H9 action camera's firmware update guide

Step 1. Download the EKEN H9 Ultra HD 4K action camera's firmware from GearBest blog onto your PC and extract (unRAR) the file.

Step 2. Open the folder and copy the SPHOST.BRN file to your camera's TF card's root directory.

Step 3. Power off the camera and insert the TF card.

Step 4. Power on the camera - it will automatically enter the update mode, the "ISP" notification will pop up on the screen. Wait until the camera's red status light goes off - this means the update is complete.

Step 5. Remove the TF card from the camera, then turn on the camera.

Step 6. Format the TF card, then install it into the camera. Now, the camera is ready to be used.


1. Make sure you download the right firmware, otherwise, the wrong firmware from suspicious sources may create more problems than solutions for your camera.

2. Make sure the camera's battery is at least 50% charged or connect it directly to a power source to prevent the camera shutting off during the update process.

3. The update/flash file must be copied to the TF card's root directory.

4. Format the TF card before the flashing and make sure it has a minimum 8GB of storage. It's always a0 good idea to go with a good quality branded TF card.

5. Don't worry if the screen becomes white or blurry, just leave it there until the update is complete and the screen turns black.

6. The flashing process usually takes a minimum of 3 minutes. Do not use the camera during th eupdating/flashing process.

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Download Here:

EKEN H9 action camera firmware pack