FIREFLY 6S Updates Firmware Pack

ByGB Blog Official 2017-01-25 4955

This is the updates firmware pack for FIREFLY 6S sport camera, you can download here for free as you need once you log in your account.

What can the update do?

Firmware version: 2.1

Fix fish eye correction problem.

Fix HDMI output format when turn on WiFi.

VIVI color saturation decrease 10%.

Sharpness adjust: High is 10% higher than Middle.

Wi-Fi: When mobiles connect to Wi-Fi, also could use 4G network (iOS only).

How to update FIREFLY 6S sport camera?

1. Format TF card to FAT-32 first.

2. Download the firmware "FIREFLY6.BIN" to TF card .

3. Put the TF card into FIREFLY 6(make sure battery > 50%).

4. Power on FIREFLY 6 and it will update firmware automatically.

5. When updating, the LED will flash.

6. When update finish, the machine will reboot automatically.

7. Delete the firmware file "FIREFLY6.BIN" in the TF card.

Download Here:

FIREFLY 6S Updates Firmware Pack