JXD 509W quadcopter user manual in English

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This is JXD 509W quadcopter electronic user manual, you can download here for free as you need once you log in your account.

Contents in this user guide:

1. Key's function

2. List of product configuration and parameters

3. Battery installation & charging instruction

4. Preparation before operating the aircraft

5. Decoding operation

6. START/STOP operating method of the aircraft

7. Instruction on normal flying control: ascending/descending, turn-left/turn-right, forward/backword, left-side flying/right-side flying

8. Tumbling control instruction

9. Action trimming instruction

10. Non-head mode flying instruction

11. One-key return flying instruction

12. Instruction on camera/video using

13. Problem solving guidelines

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Download Here:

JXD 509W quadcopter user manual in English