11.11 Gearbest Shopping Festival | Top 9 quadcopters for beginners in 2016

ByGB Blog Official 2016-11-10 1157

There are some of the best quadcopters to buy in 2016. Incredible daily discounts from GEARBEST. There will be some crazy daily prices on Gearbest that you can't miss. 

I will list some of my favorite drones and their awesome features that you can get from Gearbest. All discounted price are only for Double 11! (Nov 11)


1. JJRC H36

It is a drone that surprised me most especially considering the price of it. It's a super small drone which is durable and of great speed and turns and handles great. This is a great drone for indoor flying in bad weather.

2. JJRC H31

It's a larger drone approximately 30x30 cm and waterproof, that's incredible, there is also a video about it on the channel.

It's a quick flying super stable drone and one of the funniest drones to fly because you can fly it right into water! The yaw rate of this drone is super-fast in high rates. With headless mode and one key return as well but my favorite feature is the super speed.

3. JXD 509W

With altitude hold height control, headless mode and one key return. It is pretty fast and has very smooth almost elegant like flights.

This drone has a camera that features an FPV experience using Wi-Fi. You can use your mobile phone to view the FPV experience though the Wi-Fi connection.

4. LiDiRC L15FW

It's a waterproof drone that has good impact resistance with good flight characteristics and average speed. It's a perfect drone to start off with before venturing into more quadcopters.It equipped with a 720p Wi-Fi camera. You can record video through the mobile app on your smart device.

5. JJRC H20

It's an awesome looking almost mythical styled drone. It’s a small flyer that is stable and has great speed and the yaw is super-fast. This drone is a small hexa copter and for quite some time has been one of the most popular interesting appearance drones in Chinese market. It has headless mode and one key return as well which is great for beginners. 

6. Hubsan H501S advanced version

It offers longer range control than the standard version alone. It also features awesome powerful brushless motors. The transmitter has a built-in FPV monitor with 5.8GHZ for video transmission. The drone uses a 1080p camera for recording scenic shots. The camera is really nice quality and records awesome videos.


It uses altitude hold height control. It's a very tough drone with very good flight capabilities which is perfect for beginner quadcopter pilots. It also has an FPV camera that uses Wi-Fi. It allows you to see what the drone records right from you mobile phone through the App. You can even fly the drone through the App on your phone!

8. Kaideng Pantonoma K80

This drone applies amazing technology. This is a new generation of Chinese drones. It gives you the flexibility and possibilities of adding extra features to it. You can add extra features by choosing different modules that can be attached to this drone. It also uses ultrasonic proximity sensors to try to help mitigate a crash into something.

9. XK X251

This is one of my favorite quadcopters to date. It's a drone that has impressed me from the day first out of the box, it's super-fast and I mean FAST! Yet it’s very easy to fly and handles like a dream.

You can get your feet wet in the fast paced quadcopter flying world without being overwhelmed by the sport at the same time. This drone can fly about 300 meters and you can also get a 5.8 GHZ FPV kit for it to really turn it into a great drone racing beginner kit.

It met my expectations and more!

These are all incredible opportunities. With a wide range of options you can choose what will suite your wants and needs. Have fun and start flying!


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