7 ways to earn you a super saving with GB Points

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GB Points (GearBest Points), a special bonus for our customers, can be used for discount when shopping on Gearbest. 50 GB Points are worth $1.00, so don't miss the chance to save money with GB Points.
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 7 ways to earn GB Points
 Attentions about getting Points through reviews
 Rules about using Points
 Look over your GB Points


7 ways to earn GB Points


Want to get more GB Points? The following 7 ways will tell you the strategies.


1. Submit an order feedback to get 5 Points.


get 5 Points

For your finished orders (paid orders), if you have questions about the orders or products, you can submit a ticket on GearBest to ask for help. Then you can easily get 5 Points.


2. First time subscribing to GearBest Newsletter or post text reviews for your purchased items to get 10 Points.



get 10 Points


Enter the home page of GearBest.com, and scroll down to the bottom. Find the "Newsletter" at the bottom right corner. Input your E-mail in the box and click "SUBSCRIBE". Then, 10 Points will be automatically added to your account.


subscribe to GearBest Newsletter


subscribe to GearBest Newsletter successfully


Another way to get 10 Points is to post text reviews for your purchased items in the comment section.


3. First time to upload your Profile Picture in "My Account" or post reviews with photos for your purchased products to get 20 Points.



get 20 Points


Sign in your GearBest account and upload your Profile Picture. You will acquire 20 Points. Here one thing to note is that this 20 Points only apply to the first time uploading.


edit your profile

upload profile picture


Besides, post reviews with photos about your purchased products in the comment section will also help you earn 20 Points.            


4. Register on GearBest or post reviews with videos for your purchased products to get 50 Points.



get 50 Points


Creating an account is a must-have step to shop on GearBest. Once you register on GearBest, you will get 50 Points hands down.

In addition, if you are a person love sharing, do not forget to post reviews with videos for your purchased items in the comment section. Then you can also get 50 Points.


5. Post reviews with photos and videos for your purchased items to get 70 Points.



get 70 Points


If you post reviews with both photos and videos for your purchased products in the comment section, you will get 70 Points. Obviously, compared with the aforementioned reviews, the reviews containing both photos and videos will earn you more GB Points.


6. The recommended videos on our video community will earn you 50 Points.



The excellent videos in the customers' reviews will be recommended to GearBest video community by our support staff. So if your videos are selected to post on our video community, congratulations, you will get 50 Points as a reward.       


7. One of the first 5 reviews will earn you double Points.


get double Points

If your review is lucky to be one of the first 5 reviews in the comment section, you will get double Points.


Attentions about getting Points through reviews


a. The cost of your reviewed products must be GTE (greater than or equal) to the number of Points. The specific rules are as follows:

The cost of reviewed products
Obtained Points
Under $1
≤10 Points
Under $5
≤50 Points
Under $10
≤100 Points


That means if the cost of your reviewed product is under $1, the Points you get will be le (less than or equal) to 10 Points. If the cost of your reviewed product is between $1 and $5, the Points you obtain will be between 10 Points and 50 Points, and so on.  

b. Not all the reviews can earn you GB Points. Every review must be checked by our support staff, and only the qualified reviews can earn you Points. To become qualified reviews, the text, photos or videos in your reviews must be closely related to your purchased product.


Rules about using Points


When you use GB Points, the following rules will be applied.

 50 GB Points are worth $1.

 When your GB Points are over 50, you can use it as a discount for your total purchase.

 The discount from the Points cannot exceed 30% of your items' total cost. However, the numerical ceiling may be different for the selected promos.

 Points cannot be used with Coupons, Special Offers, Email-Only prices, or Flash Sale prices at the same time.

 From Feb 2018, withdrawing deposit from "My GB Wallet" will cost the equivalent (1:1) Points value. For example, if you transfer $10 from your GB wallet, 10 Points will be deducted from your total GB Points account.

 GB Points are not permanently valid. Old GB Points (Points earned before Oct 31 from previous year) are discontinued after Mar 31 of the next year. For example, all your GB Points acquired before October 31st 2017 must be used before March 31st 2018, or they will no longer be valid.  


Look over your GB Points


You can check your GB Points at any time. Just sign in your GearBest account and go to "My Account" - "My Points", then it will show you details about your Points.  


check your GB Points in My Account

the detailed information of your GB Points


Bottom line


That's great! You have 7 ways to earn GB Points. Just do as the above methods mentioned and get the Points you deserve to save money. If you have any questions about GB Points, please don't hesitate to submit a ticket on our Support Center, we are always happy to help you.


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