BAUSCH LOMB magic lens cloth, clean once fogproof FOREVER

ByGB Blog Official 2016-10-28 1463

If you have worn glasses before, you already know what I am talking about: outside it’s cold, you enter a warm place, you are drinking or eating something hot, you are just boiling some water...your lenses instantly become foggy.

You see nothing and ask yourself why you still haven’t switched to contacts. Unless you take of them and clean the lenses. Such kind of conditions really bother you, right?​

Welfare time! Gearbest is selling a magic lens cleaning cloth now - the BAUSCH LOMB cleaning cloth. The biggest highlight is the fogproof function which can save your sight in any condition.

Main Features:
● Made of soft microfiber cloth material, resistant to dust, oil fingerprints and other dirty particles.
● Using molecular high-tech, the cloth can add a protective layer on the lens to prevent condensation of water vapor and achieve anti-fog effect.
● It applies to all lens materials, like cameras, binoculars, helmets, etc. 

Very useful and user-friendly, isn’t it? Just clean once with this cloth, the foggy lens problem will disappear forever. So relax! Just $2.64, get one!