Buying guide: 11 must-haves for every cyclist

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Next year represents the 200th anniversary of the humble bicycle. It remains, to this day, one of the best transportation methods ever invented –for convenience, cost-effectiveness, and exercise.

It therefore makes sense to equip the bike with the correct gear to get the very best out of it. At Gearbest, we have compiled what we consider to be 11 must-have items for every discerning cyclist.

1. High Quality Bike

Definitely start here and never cut corners. A good quality bicycle is the first must-have for any rider. Bikes may look similar design-wise, however there may be significant differences in the components and manufacturing materials.

A cheap bike usually utilizes low quality materials to reduce production costs; while it may be adequate for daily use, they are not designed to last. Without a stable, enduring platform, adding additional equipment makes little sense, so never compromise. (click here to purchase high qaulity bike.)

2. Bike GPS / Bicycle Computer

Smartphones already provide GPS for easy navigation. However, the phone's battery will take a heavy hit. A professional and dedicated bike GPS / bicycle computer is one answer, with most providing navigation functionality, although some units can be somewhat costly and also require you to download maps.

Depending on your budget, you can consider a power bank for your smartphone as a cost-effective alternative. (click here to purchase bike GPS / bicycle computer.)


3. Foldable Knife

This is a safety essential for your EDC, especially for cyclists who travel to remote areas, even in urban settings. The first priority is always to ensure your own safety - protect yourself. A good quality knife is easy to stow and multi-functional, e.g. outdoor use, whittling the wood for fire in a forest, etc.

A foldable knife is also compact, lightweight and affordable. (click here to purchase foldable knife.)


4. Bike Light

When the sky is getting dark, it's dangerous for even an experienced cyclist. Whether you're in the city or on a forest track, good sight is the single most important asset - needed to avoid road obstacles, people, animals, and obstructions.

To prevent a serious accident, don't forget to also install a tail light to be visible to vehicles. Install a bike headlight for added safety. (click here to purchase bike light.)

5. Bicycle Helmet

Another essential, never ever compromise on helmets and always remember to protect your head! Take all adequate and necessary head protection measures with a good quality helmet. (click here to purchase bicycle helmet.)


6. Sunglasses

In the same way that good visibility is required at night, sunglasses ensure visibility during the day, especially in summer to prevent eye damage and ensure good vision even under bright conditions. A pair of good UV protection sunglasses will also relieve eye strain to ensure a clear and relaxed trip. (click here to purchase sunglasses)

7. Protection Gloves

Rubberized bike handles are designed to be skidproof but your hands are not. Even under safe conditions, a long ride can lead to discomfort and even blisters. Avoid both with comfortable gloves designed to protect your palm and fingers. (click here to purchase protection gloves.)

8. Flashlight

Equip a stable side or handlebar-mounted flashlight for emergencies, e.g. fixing the bike, SOS, checking the path ahead, or in case of a broken headlight, etc.

It's a practical emergency gadget for outdoor activities worth its weight in gold in a tight spot. One of our top picks for reliability, price, and power is the new zanflare flashlight. With its stylish compact design, waterproof feature, and multi-modes, it's a clear winner. (click here to purchase flashlight.)

9. Waterproof Backpack

We can't control the weather, however we can choose a waterproof backpack to carry our essentials, e.g. our gear, clothes, and money, to ensure they are protected from even heavy rain. (click here to purchase waterproof backpack.)


10. Raincoat

Related to the previous point, a raincoat is another must-have for outdoor cycling in extreme conditions. (click here to purchase raincoat.)



11. Compressed food & Water

Always prepare well for long outdoor rides and pack food and water to maintain your energy. Compressed food and water is often the best choice due to their space-saving design while offering abundant calories to support your physical activity.  


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