Duang~ Xiaomi Mijia four new arrivals are coming

ByGB Blog Official 2016-10-31 1734

Xiaomi Mijia announces the release of four new arrivals on 11.11, inspired by four different topics - Delicious food, Fresh air, Good health, Naive childhood.

The first two topics are unveiled already - the 399RMB IH electric rice cooker and the Xiaomi air purifier. And now, the poster with hints of Naive childhood is unveiled.

The name of the poster is Building block evolution, and the new corresponding product will be formally released at 10 AM, December 3rd.

On the poster there are colourful distinct building blocks and a smartphone, which may indicate that those blocks can be controlled by the phone. Probably the Naive childhood product may be invented for kids, but who knows? Let’s bet! 



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