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Easy get 60 FREE points from Gearbest

ByAdeline Belluz 2016-12-12 45871

Gain points from online shopping websites can get some welfares. Gearbest also provides opportunities for customers to save their money.

Gearbest updated its rule in December: you can get 50 FREE points after registering and get 10 FREE points if you subscribe Gearbest Newsletter.

Here is the instruction of how to get these points:

1. Enter our Gearbest website (, and click "Sign in".

Sign in Gearbest account


2. Create an account then you'll get 50 points immediately after signing up successfully.


Create a Gearbest account


Gearbest secure payment methods


3. Following page will appear after signing up (or wait for a few minutes), put your account's email in the blank and click "GET OUR COOL NEWSLETTER".



4. Then it will tell you have subscribed Gearbest Newsletter in green words.


subscribe Gearbest Newsletter


5. After that, check your points in "My Point", you'll find you have 60 points that equal $1.20 in store credit.


Check Gearbest point


It's so easy to acquire these points, don't wait! Just follow the guidance to register a Gearbest account and subscribe our Newsletter!

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