GearBest App Updated: Find out what's new

ByMia Wang 2017-02-16 2760

Our popular GearBest app has recently been updated for both Android and iOS, with some functions enjoying significantly enhanced functionality for an even better user experience.

With the new version now ready for download, let's take a closer look at what's new about the app.

1. GB Wallet Feature added

Based on customer data, the GB Wallet is easily one of most popular shopping functions on the website: Simply put, the Wallet allows shoppers to gain more GB points if they choose refunds to go to their GB Wallet instead of back PayPal or another payment provider. By popular request, we have add this convenient function to our app for all our shoppers to enjoy.

NOTE: The GB Wallet option is only available on the app if you have previously received a wallet refund.

How to use the GB Wallet: It's easy, simply select the products you want to purchase and place an order. The GearBest Wallet payment option will appear in the bottom of the order information page ready for use. Fast and secure, your personal GB Wallet makes it easy to stay up-to-date with every account transaction.

GB Wallet Feature added

2. Fast Payment Function added

Time is precious, we understand. That's why you can now submit order payment even faster by logging into your PayPal account: choose the items you want and add them to your cart, do not press Check Out, just click the "PayPal" option next to it. The PayPal Authorization page will appear, you can choose to either log in to PayPal or pay with a Debit or Credit Card. All these procedures no longer require logging into or registering on our app, making shopping incredibly fast and even more convenient now.

Fast Payment Function added

3. GB Register Point Rules improved

Now you can get 50 GB Points for registering an account on the app, the previous app version only awarded 10 GB Points. Get started today! Register a GB account right now and receive 50 GB Points for FREE – these can be used on the Order Information page instead of money.

GB Register Point Rules improved

4. Shipping methods were fixed

The shipping data (methods, pricing, etc.) is now synced in real-time across the app and website. Check the shipping methods information in your account page for more details.

GB Shipping methods were fixed

5. Product page price bugs exterminated

We've squashed the annoying bugs that previously affected price types on the product page.

Even more new improvements, exciting features, and amazing products are waiting to be discovered! What are you waiting for? Download the GearBest App from Google Play or scan the QR code below to experience the changes for our best ever shopping experience!