GearBest hit by network glitch in currency exchange rate – customers not affected

ByDaniel Camilo 2017-03-28 6672

Shenzhen, China – March 27th - During the past weekend (March 24th to 26th, 2017), was struck by an unforeseeable network software glitch affecting the currency exchange rate used in the website.

This led to a considerable loss of money for GearBest during that period of time, as prices were incorrectly deflated.

GEARBEST network glitch in currency exchange rate

At the time of writing for this notice, all issues have been resolved and the situation is now normalized.

How it affects the customer?

It doesn't. All orders placed during the time of the glitch will be delivered on a regular fashion, and the aforementioned deflated values at which products were purchased will be respected. All commitments will be respected and followed throughout, taking into consideration that being unaware of the situation, consumers should not and will not be inconvenienced in any way or by any measure.

Also, all of GearBest business partners and affiliate operations affected by the glitch will be issued as they were processed, with all corresponding commissions and dues.

How will GearBest make sure it doesn't happen again?

Until the "glitch" occurred, GearBest always used a competitive fixed exchange rate (eg. USD ~ EUR) that was updated only when a major fluctuation occurred. From now on, the currency exchange rate will be updated weekly. Also, a deep and thorough internal investigation has been ordered to detect and correct any potential technical issues that might have led to the network glitch.

The GearBest team thanks everyone for the continuous support, and promises to keep working to deliver the best e-commerce platform possible.

In case of any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.