Gearbest Single Day Sales Storm is Coming

ByGB Blog Official 2016-11-04 4855

You can forget about Black Friday. 11.11 is the sale that dwarfs all others – it’s the ONE you’ve been waiting for!

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To put 11.11 in perspective, here is the comparison based on online revenue:

•Black Friday 2015: US$1.656 billion (source)

•11.11 2015: US$14.3 billion (source) – that’s almost 9 times higher!


Why is it so much bigger? Two words: EPIC BARGAINS. And we’ve prepared all the deals you can possibly want across 3 major events.


1. Nov 7-15: Coupon Monsoon

It’s time for the 11.11 Shopping Festival and that means coupons!


Better find some shelter because they are literally pouring down from the heavens. Save till you drop with 4 types of coupons:

•Panic Buying Coupons: Limited Quantity from NOV 7-11 @ 16:00 UTC – BE FAST!

•Brand Coupons: Enjoy 10% to 16% OFF killer brands

•Category Coupons: Get 10% to 15% OFF our most popular categories

•More Coupons: Lots more savings before they disappear forever


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2. Nov 7-15: Gift Rain (Win a FREE Xiaomi Mi5)

We hope you’re ready for our insane Gift Rain.


Yes, yes, we know you love FREE stuff. So here’s your chance to get some awesome points, cool coupons and FREE gifts!


We’ve made it easy to participate:

•Share the activity to your favorite social media channels

•The more channels you choose, the bigger the chance to win cool stuff

•Log in to GB and catch gold coins when they rain

•The rain forecast: NOV 7-15 at 11:00, 13:00, 16:00, 18:00, and 21:00 UTC.

•The first rainfall happens on NOV 7 @ 16:00 UTC.


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3. Nov 9-14: The Year’s Biggest Sales Storm Arrives



Our headline 11.11 Sale Storm arrives from November 9 – 14 (inclusive). Watch the countdown so you don’t miss ANY of the action!


It kicks off with Daily Flash Sales at 16:00 UTC each day. These will feature LIMITED STOCK at the LOWEST PRICE – but you need to be as fast as the Flash, folks!


We also have some crazy deals prepared for scorching hot categories. Our customers have been digging these products all year so this is a special thank you. Get up to 60% and 70% OFF:


•Cool Phones: Bestselling phones and mobile accessories

•Future Tech Now: State-of-the-art ultrabooks, convertibles & more

•Intel Inside: Intel powerhouses that deliver exceptional value

•Toys & Hobbies: The ultimate in RC, puzzle and hobby gear

•Smart Life: Make your life easier with home & garden, outdoor gear & more

•Fashion Trend: Affordable his and her styles, watches, jewelry & much more


Still not enough? No? Good, because we have even more for you:


1. Ultimate Deal Coupons: Holy Coupons, Batman!

2. Brand Clearance Special: Up to 70% off across a dozen categories

3. US Warehouse Deals: For Deals bigger than the Election

4. EU Warehouse Bargains: Essential Tech Savings for our EU Customers


Our 11.11 Sales Storm will blow you away


Got your eye on the latest cool tech, or looking for must-have gadgets? Crave some bargains and want to save BIG?


Just hit up all our bargains: enjoy our coupon flood, win some free stuff, and rock our 11.11 storm. Look up epic in the dictionary and you’ll find our 11.11 Sale.