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Customers love GearBest’s cutting edge products at rock-bottom prices. However our competitive warranty and return policy also provide valuable peace of mind, allowing shoppers to pick and choose from over 300,000 products that have been thoroughly QA tested. Our handy guide provides details on how our warranty and returns work.


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GearBest offers a complete end-to-end shopping experience. Key to this is our versatile warranty and return policy. This short guide provides a simplified overview of what they mean for you, the customer, and, crucially, how they work. Buying from GearBest is always a 100% risk-free experience.  And while the policy might look complicated, it's actually very straightforward. It's designed to provide clarity to both customers and GearBest with great support and simplified processes.

GearBest warranty and return policy

GearBest warranty policy

Broadly speaking, our comprehensive warranty comprises the following elements, providing customers with full protection from day one:

● 7 Day Dead on Arrival (DOA) Guarantee: Product returns or refunds are available for items that arrive damaged or non-functional.

● 30 Day Unconditional Refund Guarantee: Unopened and unused items can be returned for a refund.

● 45 Day Money Back Guarantee: Got a faulty product? Simply return it for a refund or item exchange.

● One Year Repair Warranty: Our default warranty period for products sold is one year.

GearBest warranty and return policy

To ensure our extensive warranty is used correctly and fairly, a limited number of warranty exceptions do exist, such as damaging the item, wear and tear, and specific conditions that may end up voiding the warranty. Further details are provided on the website page. The bottom line is: unless you deliberately damage the product, our warranty is able to remedy the situation for customers.

Please note that there is a special product warranty covering specific categories of items, e.g. clothing, phone accessories, home decor, etc. Different conditions apply and we always advise our customers to view and become aware of these.


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GearBest returns process

Should you ever need to send a product back to GearBest, the first thing to know is that it requires prior authorization – this is to protect both GearBest and the buyer. This means contacting our Support staff first and obtaining an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number. The precise step-by-step process can be found on the official warranty and returns page. Please note that there is a separate Apparel Return Process.

GearBest products return policy

To help our customers to navigate the returns process easier, we've created a separate product return visual guide here. It's packed with useful tips and screenshots on how to apply for a return. Please note that this may involve providing photographic or video proof. This helps our staff to better understand the issue.

For returns and compensation, information is also available on the same page along with refund times based on the payment method used.

GearBest Customer Support at your fingertips

Underpinning both the warranty and returns process is lifetime technical support provided by our experienced Customer Support Team. Reliable, helpful and flexible, basic technical support allows you to buy with confidence. Simply contact them here.  

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We ask our customers to open the parcel to carefully check and screen the contents. In rare situations such as order items going missing, incorrect item(s) or even the incorrect package being sent, our warranty also protects customers; the situation can be remedied by our Customer Support staff.

Similarly, should you ever wish to enquire about our warranty, policies, or general support issues, our staff are always happy to help. As professional trained staff, they are generally the first point of contact answering your queries, providing advice, and guiding you through any process.


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Wrap up

Customer experience matters. That's why, over the years, GearBest's detailed policies have been streamlined and simplified, helping customers to both save valuable time and remove the financial risk of shopping. And whether you're a first-time customer or an experienced buyer, class-leading support is also available from our international customer service staff using a variety of communication channels.

Taken together, this means spending less time worrying and more time enjoying a fantastic gadget experience you deserve at GearBest.


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